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  1. I have some Lomos for sale, first up is this 100mm. Insanely smooth bokeh and smooth highlight and shadows rolloff - OKC1-100-1 / 100mm F2 (T2.3) - Full Frame+ coverage! - 16 iris blades, perfectly round and dry!!! - Already converted to Stainless Steel PL Mount - 0.8 mod gear on focus ring - Added removable 80mm OD front - Brass version! - Build in 1975 - In good conditions and ready to shoot! Asking €1500 FIRM I can ship WW with UPS. Payment with bank transfer or PayPal. PICS:
  2. Perfect conditions! Regular import with box and genuine Sekonic pouch. Asking price is €850 If you don't have an EU or UK VIES enabled VAT ID I have to apply local VAT.
  3. Selling a nice wireless system. It's the premium 3G-SDI version with Lemo 2 pin power inputs and connectors plus accessories. All in very good conditions! Asking price is 1150€ Included: - Paralinx ACE 3G-SDI Transmitter - Paralinx ACE 3G-SDI Receiver - Paralinx AC Power Adapter 2pin Lemo version - Paralinx Sony L-Series Battery Plate for ACE with Lemo 2pin - Paralinx Custom Mounting Bracket for ACE - Hawk Woods UK Lemo 2pin P-Tap Power Cable Preferably selling within EU but I can ship WW with UPS. Payment would be with IBAN transfer or PayPal (adding the fees). Local pickup in Bologna, ITALY is of course possible.
  4. Hey guys, I have a SpeedBooster for the Pocket and the Micro for sale, Canon EF lens version. Asking price is 450€ I'm in Italy and I can ship to Europe for fair prices and even WW if needed (postal or UPS). BTW I also have a brand new Wooden Camera cage for the BMMCC plus the Wooden Camera PL Mount Pro kit for it in another thread.
  5. Hey guys, I'm selling a brand new Wooden Camera cage for the BMMCC plus the Wooden Camera PL Mount kit for it. Asking price is 80€ for the cage, 250€ for the adapter or 300€ for everything ! ! ! ! I'm in Italy and I can ship to Europe for fair prices and even WW if needed (postal or UPS). BTW I also have a SpeedBooster for the Pocket and the Micro, Canon EF lens version for sale in another thread.
  6. wait, what??? I assuming you're talking about Adorama. This is unbelievable...not good at all.
  7. I have a full Atomos Shogun kit with SSDs, custom fit Cage, batteries everything needed. I'd prefer to sell it in Europe but shipping worldwide it's no problem. It has the latest firmware and accept RAW from Sony Cams. ; I don't have a Sony now so I can sell it but I actually prefer the small factor of this Shogun vs the current ones which are VERY bulky and heavy in comparison!
  8. I sell only as a set, it's too rare in these conditions and it has to remain complete. ;) I also have a matching zeiss 135 4 from the same era...which I could sell as a single tho
  9. I have a full set of the wonderful non T* coated Standards in unbelievable condition. Gorgeous bokeh and flares, low con, Cooke-like iris shape. ;) I'm regretfully thinking about selling these to buy a second camera kit so trades are accepted with an Alexa or a Scarlet-W + money from my side.
  10. Great glass Ignacio...I have a 50 and an 85 to complete the set if a buyer needs a more complete set let me know! ;)
  11. Diopters work fine, you just have to use 4.5" or 138mm ones...
  12. Thanks Gregg, much appreciated but I prefer the Century holder which has a better "mattebox style" clamping mechanism. ;)
  13. Hi guys! I'm looking for the following Series 9 bits... Holders: - Century Optics Series 9 to 80mm OD Clamp on adapter - Series 9 Retaining rings Hoods: - Metal Series 9 Hoods - Rubber hoods only if NOT the wideangle one (I already have it...) Filters: - Tiffen ND 0.3 - Tiffen ND 0.6 - Tiffen ND 0.9 - Tiffen ND 1.2 - Tiffen ND 1.8 - Tiffen Ultra Polarizer or Schneider True Polarizer Linear - Tiffen 80C - Tiffen 80D - Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/8 - Tiffen Glimmerglass 1 - Tiffen or Schneider Close up +1/2 / +1 / +2 / +3 diopters If you have something or if you know someone who maybe wants to sell let me know with a PM! I can pay shipping from all over the world since weight is not an issue in this kind of things...he he Thanks!!!!
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