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  1. Hey guys, I'm selling a very nice black Komodo full kit with everything, ready to shoot, it's low hours and it comes with box and everything. - RED KOMODO Brain - RED KOMODO Outrigger Handle - RED KOMODO Wing Grip - RED PRO CFast 512GB Media Card - RED PRO CFast 2.0 Card Reader - RED Ext-To-Timecode Cable 3ft - RED Ptap-to-Power Cable 6ft - Ignite Digi D-Tap Komodo Power Cable - Canon RF to EF Adapter - Canon RF to EF Adapter Slot-In with Variable ND Filter - Canon RF to EF SpeedBooster 0.71x - 4x Blueshape BP-955 RED Certified Batteries - Blueshape CMDUAL LCD Dual Channel Simultaneous Charger - Novoflex Canon RF to Leica M Adapter - Novoflex Leica M to Leica R Adapter - SmallHD Focus OLED SDI Monitor - SmallHD Focus OLED Ultra Clear Protective Film - SmallRig NATO Rail - SmallRig Tilt Rotate Monitor Bracket with NATO clamp - IKAN NP-F970 Battery - Anton Bauer Single NP-F Sony Style Charger - Canare SDI Cable Made in Japan €9250+VAT If you have a VALID EU VAT ID you don't pay IT VAT. PM me for info, pics are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JJhA3eMCYrACVZrv8
  2. Hey guys, very low hours, very well cared for, used only on 1 job as I needed a b-cam, it comes with box and everything. Canon colors, RAW, ND Filters, EF Mount and good audio preamps, a very capable camera! Genuine EU version. Only selling within the EU and with EU Intra invoicing. €2900 I also have accessories like additional batteries and cage, media, etc, PM me for info and pics.
  3. Hey guys, I bought this to be used as a B-CAM for a shoot but it have been postponed. Genuine EU version with extended warranty too. Only selling within the EU and with EU Intra invoicing. PM me for info. Cheers!
  4. Hey Thomas, I have 3 Kinetals: 25mm 50mm and 75mm, PM me if interested. Cheers!
  5. Hey guys, I just finished a lot of projects and since I shot less projects in recent months I can sell some of my Thunderbolt RAIDs. These units are very fast, reaching sustained speeds over 700MB/sec and 1350MB/sec depending on the configuration!!!! These also support a lot of raid levels and have internal HARDWARE controllers with dedicated ram. All the units have the latest firmware installed, Promise tech support on these units is stellar and these units are workhorses, very reliable. Also compatible with Linux, Windows and MacOS (both Intel and Apple Silicon with a native universal driver for top notch performance!). - Promise Pegasus 2 R4 diskless €450 - Promise Pegasus 2 R8 diskless €800 - Promise Pegasus 2 R4 48TB €1200 - Promise Pegasus 2 R4 64TB €1400 These are Thunderbolt 2 versions and I have some genuine Apple Thunderbolt 3 adapters which render these units basically identical to Promise Pegasus 3 R4 and R8. All units are 100% tested with low use and all drives enterprise versions and tested and certified by Promise. Shipping WW but preferably inside the EU. Local pickup in Bologna, ITALY is welcomed (CoVid permitting) of course. You can PM me here or write via WhatsApp which is faster.
  6. Hey guys! I have a complete RED LW ZOOM set for sale. This set is quite unique because it was Made in the UK and both lenses have an active PL Mount with Cooke /i Metadata, completely tuned to internal encoders so distances and infos match 100% to the scales. This, coupled to the fact that lettering and small details are Cooke-ish, made many wonder if these were indeed made by Cooke using cherry-picked Japanese optical units then tuned and rehoused in the UK. Both are matched and quite rare having metric markings from the factory instead of imperial markings like others. - RED PRO ZOOM 18-50 T3 - RED PRO ZOOM 50-150 T3 - Innerspace Custom Pelican case for the Zoom Set Both lenses are lightweight, sharp and with a smooth bokeh with a very very nice highlight rendition, both fronts are 114mm which is pretty standard and close focus is very very short which is extremely handy. 18-50 has received a full CLA by CVP in November 2019. Genuine newer style RED caps are included. Complete set with two Zooms for 18-150 coverage for 8500€. Local pickup in Bologna, ITALY is welcomed to check everything, no problem whatsoever, there are daily direct flights from all around Europe. I can also ship WW using UPS. PICS:
  7. I have some Lomos for sale, first up is this 100mm. Insanely smooth bokeh and smooth highlight and shadows rolloff - OKC1-100-1 / 100mm F2 (T2.3) - Full Frame+ coverage! - 16 iris blades, perfectly round and dry!!! - Already converted to Stainless Steel PL Mount - 0.8 mod gear on focus ring - Added removable 80mm OD front - Brass version! - Build in 1975 - In good conditions and ready to shoot! Asking €1500 FIRM I can ship WW with UPS. Payment with bank transfer or PayPal. PICS:
  8. Perfect conditions! Regular import with box and genuine Sekonic pouch. Asking price is €850 If you don't have an EU or UK VIES enabled VAT ID I have to apply local VAT.
  9. Selling a nice wireless system. It's the premium 3G-SDI version with Lemo 2 pin power inputs and connectors plus accessories. All in very good conditions! Asking price is 1150€ Included: - Paralinx ACE 3G-SDI Transmitter - Paralinx ACE 3G-SDI Receiver - Paralinx AC Power Adapter 2pin Lemo version - Paralinx Sony L-Series Battery Plate for ACE with Lemo 2pin - Paralinx Custom Mounting Bracket for ACE - Hawk Woods UK Lemo 2pin P-Tap Power Cable Preferably selling within EU but I can ship WW with UPS. Payment would be with IBAN transfer or PayPal (adding the fees). Local pickup in Bologna, ITALY is of course possible.
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