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  1. For sale: Retroscan Universal 2K 8mm and 16mm film scanner - $5500 Kit includes upgraded lens, 2k camera with ultra lite, dual 8mm and 16mm gates. Local pickup in NYC.
  2. Anybody have one of these lying around that they'd be willing to part with?
  3. Anybody looking to sell their Retro scan HD or universal?
  4. Heartbroken. RIP Andre Durand

  5. Aaton LTR 7. Impeccable condition. S16mm and R16mm. Aaton mount. 2 quiet mags. 2 freshly celled batteries. Handgrip, rods and mattebox. BW Video tap (not installed). Angenieux 12-120mm f/2.2 Zoom Lens 10x12B (lens adapter needs to be re-seated). Aaton metal case. Fully serviced and upgraded at Du-All in June 2015. Various follow focus, mattebox, whips and misc. also available. Message for pics and more info
  6. Anybody in or around NYC have any Aaton mount lenses collecting dust that they may consider parting with? Thanks, ag
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