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  1. I realize I’m late to this thread but I make custom leather pouches for light meters. Have a look etsy.com/shop/stwleathergoods
  2. If you're interested, I've been making and using some very nice full grain leather camer/preston straps. Durable and comfy in my opinion. I line the shoulder of in a soft suede. You can check them out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/STWLeatherGoods
  3. I've recently opened an etsy shop. Feel free to check out my work! https://www.etsy.com/shop/STWLeatherGoods
  4. Hey all!! Looking for a snazzy upgrade to your belt or killer wrap gift, feel free to visit my page! I'm a focus puller whose been doing leather work for the pst 3 years. https://www.etsy.com/shop/STWLeatherGoods
  5. Hello All my camera brothers and sisters My name is Stephen Taylor-Wehr. I'm a local 600 focus puller based in the Los Angeles area. I make custom leather pouches for light meters, distos, leatherman, sides, you name it. I use a variety of leathers from thin hand dyed veggie tan to very thick and robust premium horween leather made in Chicago. All leather products are top grain quality leather, hand cut, hand stitched and hand tapped copper and brass hardware.
  6. hey all, posibility of traveling to Haiti with small crew by the end of the month to do some doc style/ live music filming. Was wondering if anyone had done any work or had speant any amount of time in haiti or filming in a similar country. Any crew support? security & health concerns, things in general to watch out for.... anything will help Thanks in advance!!
  7. coming to houston for a music video shoot coming up on the 26th and 27th of this month (may). looking for a 2nd AC to help me out as im by myself as of now. looking like a clapper/loader situation. coming out of LA. shooting red Epic, panavision package, c-series anamorphics. Let me know!!! also could use a camera cart... stevetw103@gmail.com
  8. Shooting in Houston around the 7th & 8th. In the need of a camera cart. If any you have or know somewhere we could rent a magliner, backstage, or yager type cart please let me know! Stevetw103@gnail.com
  9. Personally the fold up ones just suck completely. They never end up fitting anywhere. But hey they don't cost a lot and it's good to have different sets of stuff so just buy both :-)
  10. AC magazine focuses more with the DP side of things in terms of only interviewing the DP and/or director. its really a great magazine. ICG however is more focused on the camera side of things. ICG is actually a great read. It's union funded so if you're are a camera geek then you'll like this one. talks more about working with union member and supporting everyone in the work place. They take time to interview not only the DP but in many cases the operators and the ACs. they also have a good gear review section. plus its a much higher quality print and they also take time to do spots on young up and coming cinematographers. I get both and i love both. But i'm in 600.... so i pay a LOT more for my subscription :-P
  11. Ok never mind guys!! Looks like this job isn't happening after all
  12. I may be traveling from Los Angeles to cape town south Africa for a spot on Monday 3/4/13 and may be looking for a 2nd AC for myself. Details are still coming in but as of now it sounds like we'll be shooting 35mm out of panavision. Does anyone know of any good ACs in that area? Don't know if I'll be able to hire a loader too so I'll most likely be looking for a clapper/loader. Also, an AC with a cart would be very helpfull. If not, is there a way I can rent a camera cart out there? Thanks for the help Stephen Taylor-wehr
  13. Agreed. Pay the money for the mod 51 bag. It look more professional and will seriously last you a lifetime. Hell yeah Matt's. I just bought your bag ;-)
  14. as a 1st i've been shrinking down what i bring to set. basically i'll get some type of husky/ doctor bag that can hold my front box with all my tools in it. I'll let my 2nd deal with all the other bags. When i'm 2nding however i have either a cinebag or mod 51 bag on the cart and lately have switched to a gals police bag or a 511 tactical bag for my run bag. they're great.
  15. surveilence head set, pen+paper, coffee machine (french press or espresso)
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