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  1. I had http://microdeltabalears.com recommended to me, they are based in Mallorca, Spain. I was going to send them my ZC1000 to be serviced as they have a very good reputation, although I haven't gotten around to doing it yet!
  2. I gave up on retro8, even my email order didn't get a response. However super 8 reversal lab in the Netherlands sells single 8, process paid for the same price as retro8. https://super8.nl
  3. I would recommend something like a leicina rt1 Ask questions to make sure it's working. But they have quite a few advanced features, built like tanks and shoot nice images. You can pick them up quite cheaply. Have a look on http://www.super8wiki.com lots of info on makes and models, some with reviews. Let us know how you get on. Good luck
  4. Mark Baldry

    Single 8

    I've just bought my first Single 8 camera, does anyone know where I could get it serviced in Europe? Also trying to get hold of film stock but cannot get hold of retro8 in Japan. Is there anywhere that sells the film or empty cartridges so I can load my own film? Thanks
  5. What are the results of proceesing a negative film as reversal? is it worth trying?
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