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  1. Perfect! That’s what I was looking for. Thank you so much, Raymond! For how long can you run the camera on one charge? EDIT: By my calculation a bit over three hours total running time? (@24fps)
  2. Hello all, I wasn't sure whether to create a new topic for this—I know that some message boards look down on that—but I have a question relating to the Arriflex 35 III: I need a power source for it. Is it as simple as getting a battery with the right specs and fix it with the right 4-Pin connector? The original manual calls for a 12V / 7Ah NC battery. There are two battery 4-pin sockets on the camera one on the baseplate and one on the camera itself. I would like to power it only through the baseplate. Ideally (and I cannot stress enough how little I know about some of
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