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  1. When we had a shoot in Ecuador the most important word became "Otra vez" meaning "One more time"
  2. I'm using the 300d mostly with the fresnel Bowen mount. Very nice light, just a little noisy and tons of cables on set
  3. I think the 300d is as good as it gets as this point. I found this comparison helpful. In another video I have seen it being compared to a 2k tungsten. With frsnel at flood it's actually on par with 2k tungsten. In spot mode it's much less powerful though
  4. I often find a booklight type setup to look a bit nicer, almost no shadows and a great light quality. For example for a CU I would use a 800W Joker bounced through a 4x4 bead board diffused by opal frost or 250. For a direct approach I would use something like a M8 or M18 through Bleached Mus. But yeah, as already mentioned, it's mostly a choice depending on the space I have.
  5. Yes, as Stefano mentioned, check out http://www.leefilters.com/lighting/diffusion-list.html for starters! The most common Diffusion you find is 250, 216 and 410
  6. You can also add a 1/2 soft fx or glimmer filter to add a vintage look. Shooting on old glass will help your look as well. Maybe something like the Helios 44-2 58mm at f2
  7. I'm not an expert at this, but I think part of the audio processing involves boosting frequencies in the 60-250Hz range. If you are familiar with Adobe Audition there is a plugin called Vocal Enhancer for male voices that aims to do just that. Find it either as a standalone or under the parametric equalizer presets. Also check out the Multiband compressor with broadcast preset. After that you can play with the different frequencies. To thicken the voice in the low bands just push the slider a bit up. I think Multiband Compressor is as close to a "LUT" as you will get with audio processing.
  8. Hey guys, what lighting setup would you do for an empty warehouse shoot with an actor walking around. I will have one establishing wide and then stay in a medium shot. I was thinking 8x8 bleached muslim with Arri M18 as a key with a 800W Joker as a strong rim, probaby smoke machine for athmosphere. For the walking/medium shots maybe a china ball as key? The inspiration is this video with Morgan Freeman:
  9. Do you have a sample shot? It could also have something to do with the color profile... if you shot with the Technicolor Cinestyle Profile, Skin Tone Colors will be on the pale side! Were there other Tungstens in the room that resulted in mixed light conditions?
  10. Hey Arman, just a question for my understanding: Are you trying to turn a night scene into a day scene with the 6K? You'll need to get a 7000W generator which is quite a heavy beast. It can be rented from places like HomeDepot...
  11. maybe this can help: http://philipbloom.net/2009/05/30/how-to-convert-canon-5dmk2-footage-from-30p-to-24p/
  12. Shoot in 4k and use warp stabilizer, always the best option :) I had a shoot this weekend filming out of this heli http://instagram.com/p/cDWzhJS1MF/ We used a Tyler Mini Gyro but the flight was actually pretty smooth and I felt like I almost didn't need the Tyler. We still used Warp Stabilizer on all the shots, because of air pockets and such. We punched into FullHD resolution which made the shots pretty soft. I wish we would have spend the money on shooting on a Scarlet in 4K ! I don't know how much experience you have, just a little tip: Always frame your shot so you are sure the blades are not in it. you won't be seeing the blades once you are up in mid air (you can see it on a wfm though). For Super35mm I recommend a 16-35mm lens. Sorry if this is not an exact response to your question, I still hope in can helpful to you. Good luck!
  13. Let's start with Bruno Aveillan:
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