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  1. A woman sees the shadow of her deceased cat on the wall as the cat (unseen 'cause it's deceased) walks across the floor. I'm looking at ways of doing this and none actually working for me. If I could somehow project the shadow on the wall, I would do this in 16mm. As it is, I may have to resort to digital & green screen. I'm working with a couple of cats and lights just off the floor and getting some shots that come close enough to use but this is digital. I'd be burning a lot of 16mm film with this process and my budget would be shot. Any thoughts? thanks, tom
  2. https://www.lightillusion.com/tech_info.html seems to be the current location
  3. it's not my camera 🙂 but i did contact the seller and it's still available. the link is in my original post and it sounds like you FB messaged her.
  4. I hope this isn't out of line... This is a Facebook marketplace ad rather than something I'm selling myself. If you don't Facebook, PM me and I can get the pics & info to you. I've exchanged some communication with the seller who's asking $495. I've got Bolex gear myself and access to an Arri SR2 so I don't really need another 16mm camera but I suspect there might be a decent home out there for it. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/469013367040371/?ref=messenger_banner
  5. i've got a rokinon cine ds (believe the 20mm) and a rokinon still lens (believe 14mm) and they are pretty much identical in size. one marked in T stops, the other in f. one aperture changes click, the other doesn't. one has aperture markings on both sides, other doesn't. one has focus & aperture rings geared for motorized manipulation, the other doesn't. one had built in lens hood, the other doesn't. but length, diameter, and weight are pretty much the same.
  6. i have a 12.5 -100 vario-switar that i'd love to try out on my BMPCC4K. i've looked around for a bolex bayonet to MFT adapter but drawing a blank. is it possible? have a link to something? thanks, tom
  7. wow. i just watched his Monterey Pop on Criterion yesterday.
  8. Finally... Someone with an opinion! 🙂
  9. This is what I did and it feels good so far... I'm going with Canon mount, full frame to the degree that I can in getting lenses and using cheap, dumb adaptors to the MFT P4K. This lets me use my existing Canon lens as well as pick up inexpensive manual focus 35mm lenses. Getting full frame lenses with Canon mounts will let me use these on, for example, an Ursa Mini Pro when/if I move further up the G.A.S. chain. Or I can rent one for a project and already have lenses. When I have some additional cash, I'll get the speed booster. That way each lens serves double duty based on whether I use the booster or not (20mm lens can act as 20 or 40). If I were starting over, and going down this path, I'd go to Canon's refurbished site and get a T7i with the 18-135 lens for around $750.
  10. Sam - I didn't go the film school route but got involved with some filmmakers several years ago, learned what I could, shoot a couple of my own shorts, and continue to learn. I bought & shot with a refurbished Canon T3i and a refurbished kit 18-135 lens. They are still quite capable of making movies... and the movies would be better in better hands than mine but that's the continuing to learn aspect kicking in. I decided I wanted a better camera and one that would serve be well in my continuing education as well as producing a better image. Rather than going the route of one of the mirrorless DSLR options with auto focus & other bells & whistles of a photography camera that also takes video. I got (after much waiting) the BMPCC4K. To get by on lenses, I got some dumb adaptors so I could use my Canon lens as well as some Nikon lenses i had from 35mm film days. I also spent $150 on a pair of Olympus MFT mount kit lenses. That was basically all I needed to do a ton of practicing. You can do something along those lines for under 2K. The P4K is likely gonna serve you well for a long time and you can expand as your needs & resources allow. I'm getting rid of those Olympus kit lenses and have been able to acquire a couple of (used) Rokinon Cine DS lenses. I recently got a Smallrig cage (putting together a kit over time) and a 1TB external drive (SSD cards don't work well if you wanna try BRAW and really limit your capacity). I also got a pair of extra batteries. Between the external drive, and several batteries, I can shoot for a couple hours. I do lust for a speed booster, external battery of some sort, more kit, more lenses, better tripod,... but these can wait until I really _need_ them and have some resources to get them. I started under 2K between the P4K, some dumb adaptors, and a couple of cheap lenses. And the P4K is pretty amazing and I can grow into it rather than bottom fishing for a camera & stuff that I'll want to dump in 6 months to get some decent gear. I've got decent gear now & am looking forward on expanding. My 2 cents 🙂
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolex - " The single lens port H-16 M(arine) was made in conjunction with the first underwater housing." I hadn't seen reference previously to what the M stands for on one on my Bolex http://www.bolexcollector.com/cameras/h16m.html Is this accurate? Does the M stand for Marine?
  12. Duane - I sent you a PM. I live not too far from you, have several Bolex, and would be willing to make the short drive to give you a hands on look if that would be helpful
  13. and i think not run it faster than 24fps without film?
  14. I'm gonna need to get a bigger drone 😐
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