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  1. I'm gonna need to get a bigger drone 😐
  2. US peep here. I pre-ordered at B&H when they were first announced. I finally cancelled in early December as it was still back ordered and I heard that Adorama had them. Nope. I was back ordered there too. As I have a reason to go with B&H when I can, I cancelled the Adorama order after a few weeks and placed an order with B&H again around the first of the year... and I'm still back ordered. If anyone would be able to direct me to somewhere in the US that has it actually in stock, I'd cancel my B&H order in a heartbeat and get it elsewhere. This isn't a knock against B&H or even BM. On my budget, it's a major investment and I've been looking forward to upgrading from my T3i for awhile.
  3. I'm actually at peace with having a BMPCC4K on backorder for a couple of months. I was was wanting to upgrade from my Canon T3i (and still want to) but decided to pay attention to the saying that the best camera for you is the one that you have. Initially, I (mentally) put projects on hold because I didn't have my new camera. Hey with that! I have a camera and will keep shooting with it until I have something better. In the mean time, I'm still able to improve as a filmmaker.
  4. Sorry about the name. No offense intended. But I do find it a bit... overly protective? that someone who doesn't know me feels the need to protect me from potentially blowing $15. Yesterday, I spent $200 for a bit of original music for a short. I frequently pick up drink or dinner tabs for past (or potential) cast or crew. I bought a Bolex EL off of eBay for goodness sake. I'll see your Emmy ambition & raise it. Tom Lombard gonna win an Oscar before I'm done Crete, Nebraska https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7638804/ can't embed but... vimeo.com/user88322235
  5. Dick - I'll turn 68 in a month. I've had my share of rejections and learned that the only way to avoid them is to stop trying. Grow up and prepare yourself to hear someone else named for that Emmy. If it's your name, good on you. And congrats!
  6. My first short was around 18 pages and we shot it in a (short) day. And it looked like it :(
  7. I just submitted :) I spent a wonderful couple of weeks in Edinburgh (early 1973?) and it's tops on my list of places I'd pay another visit if it were in the cards for me. Saw Jethro Tull during the Thick As A Brick tour.
  8. That's all useful. Thanks! I know that this is their initial film festival and I've only submitted to a local, non competitive festival previously so I think we are both going thru a learning curve. There 24fps requirement now makes more sense for a DCP but seems to make a bit less sense in their additional requirement of it being an .mp4, .mov, or .avi. This is the specific event BTW... https://filmfreeway.com/SandyDennisFilmFestival
  9. I shot a short at 29.97fps and am in final stages of post. One of the short film festivals I'm looking at submitting to has a requirement of 24fps. I've emailed them on this requirement as they may have a good reason but seems a bit odd to me. My question is in regard to my converting a final copy of my short to 24fps. I know there are conversion tools that will do this but doesn't this reduce the quality a bit? Not much action in this so dropped frames might not be visibly noticeable but it is score heavy and I'm concerned for the audio quality. I'm particularly concerned in that submission to this festival is thru Film Freeway so by uploading a compromised(?) file there means that all other festivals I submit to would get the same file. Any feedback welcome. Any input on a conversion tool that might be better for this than others would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  10. Did add "A shared plate of nachos turns competitive." The 12 minute short is in final steps of post production (cleaning up some issues with the dialog audio track). That should be completed in the next week or so and I'll be submitting it to film festivals. Will likely be on my public Vimeo at end of 2019. Essentially did the "trailer" for cast/crew that wanted to share something with their friends/family.
  11. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! I found http://www.acofs.org.au/part_5_files/Bell%20&%20Howell/Tech%201545,1545EX,1550,1552,1552EX.PDF yesterday which also looks pretty useful.
  12. I finally scored a local 16mm projector! The B&H 1550 Autoload Filmosound 16mm sound projector was purchased new by a church, saw little use, and has sat in storage for 20some years. $45 :) It looks great but I don't want to try & fire it up just yet. Specifically, I've heard of a plastic worm gear that needs specific lubrication but I've no idea where that gear is or how to get to it. Any guidance would be appreciated. Anything else that I may want to look at? I acquired a box full of 16mm films (mostly educational) for free 2 years ago and have been looking for a projector since. Regardless of the film, I'm really looking forward to hearing it run & seeing the screen (complete with hairs & such). Thanks, Tom
  13. I happened to have watched Thunderball (1965) a couple nights ago and I think that's where Dr evil came from. You Only Live Twice (1967) is when Blofeld appeared. From Russia With Love was several years earlier. Googled... not off top of my head :)
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