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  1. Hey I have a Super 16m Canon zoom. "Canon Flurite C16 MACRO" been sitting in on the shelf for a while, need to clear some space 300USD with shipping! https://ibb.co/p2RNT0F https://ibb.co/p1zTxXs
  2. I also have a 9.5 for sale which would complete this set! 3K US! COWABUNGA!
  3. Hey. I have an aaton LTR 54 with PL mount, recently fully overhauled. Has a little homemade V lock plate with a 12v regulated power source to power camera. Had intended on sending through to AZ spectrum to get the video tap, just never got around to it, with videotap this camera would be a great S16 camera package. Body has usual wear and tear of a camera of this age, but works flawlessly. 2x mags, with new rubbers, 8.5k USD https://ibb.co/gPM50NW
  4. Yeah I was hoping to run it back onto the original spool. thanks mate. I'll just work from a different spool and double it back that way
  5. Hey John. Thanks John, yes Ive seen that. But like I said its an EBM, which isnt the same as this model. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hey Guys. I haven't shot on 16mm for quite some time. Picked up a H16 EBM, Just wondering wha the process for unloading is from the EBM, as on the old reflexes, you disengaged the motor and then wound back the film, not to sure what to do on this body. it also doesn't have the spindle... any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mitch
  7. Feel Free to sell me your 85 Tommaso! I am stilllllll looking!
  8. Looking for not T coated 85mm or larger to complete my set. Planar, or Oberkochen OPTON 85 T2. arri mount or PL wanted any help is greatly appreciated. regards,
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