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  1. I am looking for a source in the San Francisco Bay area to rent anamorphic lenses besides Chater and Element camera. Sometimes they don't have them available. Thanks
  2. I am trying to find a pre rehoused Kowa anamorphic lens to send to P &S and the only thing I see are 16-S which I think is not what I am looking for (I think ) . Are these extremely hard to find ? Any thoughts about where these can be found?
  3. Very low hours (98). Plus Extra bulb ( i think i said $400 for bulb from film tools.) Comes with ballast, cable, fixture, barn doors. I can send more photos. $5750.00 via paypal. Shipping probably around $150 with insurance. May want to ship it in two containers so may be little more. Pick up available in SF bay area (oakland) I think I paid $7200 from BH plus the bulb. Is in Excellent Plus condition. Really haven't used it much but is a beautiful light. THIS IS NOT "AS ARRI" from china but actually made by Arri in europe. Also have a speed ring for it from Chimera which I bought at film tools. Asking $250.00 4 50 ft 30 amp cables. Probably too heavy to ship. $50 each. Also selling Chimera med quartz plus which I paid $740 for. Asking $500. Buy it all I will pay shipping in USA. I have been reading forum for years but this is first post. I have been a commercial photographer/cinematographer for years and can provide information that proves I am legitimate. Also can send more photographs if interested. Email me with questions and we can set up a call if you would prefer to talk on the phone. tbroening@yahoo.com
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