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  1. Hello Danner, 

    Are you still selling the Arri Alexa  Classic, and does it have the option to go to 4:3? 

    1. Danner Gardner

      Danner Gardner

      Hey Harry. Yes I'm still selling the Classic. Unfortunately it does not have the option to go to 4:3 but it does have an anamorphic desqueeze license. So you could still shoot anamorphic and just have frame lines for your 2.35 ratio.

    2. Harry Masson

      Harry Masson

      Ok, i'm on the east coast in NJ. I got an offer for a similar kit for $5500, but buyer will not be back in nyc for a while given the COVID19 circumstances. I am also quarantined myself in NJ, residents here would get fined if your out driving.  I see that you're in LA, so I wouldn't know how i can demo it. But would you be able to work on the price a little more with me?And last question, is there a specific reason you are trying to part ways from this camera?  

      Many Thanks, 

      Harry Masson

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