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  1. Check out David F. Sandberg's el cheapo rig: If you used one of those new Lupo Smartpanels you'd have a LOT of light. You could also step it up with one of those COBs plus lanterns from Aputure or Nanlite, but that'd be much bigger and more expensive
  2. ¡Pos buena suerte majo! My "other" job is a translator. It ain't easy.
  3. The extent of what you need will depend upon how wide your shot is, obviously. But, as a general point, I'd say you'd probably want something beefier (steel). It might cost a bit more—though not much, in the grand scheme of things—but it will last practically forever. You might be able to get away with a c-stand complete with gobo arm. A step up from this would be a "beefy baby" stand with a steel boom arm. As you're based in Europe, you should perhaps be looking at Avenger (sometimes referred to as Manfrotto/Avenger) products. A more budget alternative would be Kupo. I have the following combo that works well from Kupo: https://dukefotografia.com/en/arm-holders/kupo-brazo-baby-boom-acero-kupo.html https://dukefotografia.com/en/foot-study/kupo-midi-max-pie-de-studio-kit-135m-kupo.html https://dukefotografia.com/en/kneecaps/kupo-grip-tag-with-handle-kupo.html (gotta love those translations into English…). I'm Spanish-based, but there are alternative shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. I don't use your specific Aperture combination, but it's good for some fairly weighty lights. Just sandbag the base and counterweight and make sure you don't boom it out too far. And use a safety cable on the light just in case. Anything more ambitious (or wider) would probably require some kind of overhead rig, but then things get more complex. Also, There are also these fellas selling cheaper "knock-off" versions who seem to get good reviews but I cannot personally vouch for them: https://cinelight.com/ Of course, depending upon your ceiling, there may be some other way of mounting the light… Finally, for your viewing pleasure… https://www.youtube.com/user/SeerveldMedia
  4. Thanks for this. How do you find the fan noise on the Forza?
  5. That's exactly what David S. Sandberg (director of "Shazam!", amongst others) does as he continues to make home movies:
  6. Hi Thiago, Here's a review of the SL1 under a slightly different name. Seems pretty positive: It appears to be available in bicolour and RGB versions
  7. Hey Landon, a quick question about these lights… do they display the colour temperature or the power level? From the photos on Amazon, I don't see any display. Thanks!
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