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  1. Hello, I am having recurring problems in the teradek 3000 system ... the transmitter is like hell taking some components of the plate to come loose ... the factory launched the 3000xt system with a bigger box apparently to obtain a greater dispersion of heat, however the maintenance in the system they do not solve the problem definitively and after a few months of use the 3000 system is weaker than a teradek 1000 ... has anyone had this problem? I had identical complications in two units.
  3. Hello, Im planning to sell a jdc set of 6 Lenses are going to evaluation by Duclos , and will be ready soon. TODD AO 20mm shiga/ ?? ANA t2.0 JDC 35mm shiga/contax ANA t1.6 JDC 50mm shiga/contax ANA t1.6 covers FF JDC 85mm shiga/contax ANA t1.6 covers FF JDC 100mm shiga/contax ANA t2.0 covers FF JDC 135mm shiga/contax ANA t2.0 covers FF Can be sold as shorter set (4) Price USD 110.000,00 for the 5 JDC lens set, + USD 25.000,00 for the TODD AO ( near mint ) interested please mail to gabrielmensagem@gmail.com or whatsapp +5511940308100
  4. Hello Thiago, would you mind paying me the USD 500.00 that I loaned you two years ago to help you with your daughter at the hospital, before spending all that amount on a set of lenses?
  5. 5 lens set, rehoused and excellent condition. already evaluated and ready to ship. usd 150.000.00 gabrielmensagem@gmail.com
  6. Yes, they are at p+s technik germany. My email : gabrielmensagem@gmail.com
  7. Selling Ultrascope set : 40mm / 50mm / 85mm + 1.4x extender fully serviced by duclos extra 85mm not serviced ( can be keep att to the extender for 120mm ) USD 35.000,00 rady to ship from USA
  8. Selling set of 6 lomo hawk lenses for USD 60.000,00 all lenses in good shape and evaluated
  9. Hello I have a ultrascope anamorphic set of 40mm/50mm/85mm + 1.2x extender and one extra 85mm I may sell or trade for a Red Helium body or Alexa mini body thanks
  10. Price drop on my lenses for sale: Kowa patechnik rehoused set 40mm/50mm/75mm/100mm+ 32mm adapter USD 110.000.00 Kowa cine prominar spherical 15/20/25/40/50/85/100 usd 80.000.00 Arriscopes 35/50/75/100/135 usd 29.000.00 Zeiss B speed 1.4 18mm/25mm/35mm/50mm/85mm135mm usd 23.500.00 Optimo 45-120mm usd 25.000.00 Optimo 30-80mm usd 8.000.00 Gabrielmensagem@gmail.com
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