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  1. Hello everyone, I am thinking on selling my H6D-100c. Purchased form a store a year ago. It 's like new. Very low shutter count. Anyhow, those who know, know... Selling price : 15.5K eur. Send me a Pm if you want pictures or a video call to see the camera. Thanks
  2. 400 euros for both brand new Digital sputnik voyagers ( 4ft ) Unopened box.
  3. Hey Gary, No sorry, it is sold. All the best
  4. Hi Andy, I prefer selling everything together. I will let you know if I decide to split the package. Best Kimon
  5. Correction : My bad, I have 3x 235 Shoulder mag 60/200 and not 2 as mentioned above.
  6. Hello, Selling my Arri 235 package. ARRIFLEX 235 4 perf Camera Body Ground Glass – ANSI 16:9 CGG 235 Universal Viewfinder s/n 2068 235 Eyepiece + eyecup Oppenheimer V mount battery system. 235 Carrying Handle 2x Camera To O/B Battery Cable KC-20 POWER CABLE 235 - Long Extension Eyepiece s/n 2005 Shoulder Pad 235 24v On-Board Battery 235 24v On-Board Battery 235 24v On-Board Battery 24v On-Board Battery Charger SBR-1 Side Bracket And Allen Screw BP8 Bridge Plate Pair of 440mm Rods (19mm) 235 Media IVS PAL 2 X 235 Shoulder Magazine 60/200 1 extra Arrimag 120/400 and 2 x 35-3 2C Mag 60/200 The camera is in perfect condition. Pm for photos and price. All the best Kimon
  7. For sale : The camera is in fantastic condition. The bundle contains the camera, a 45mm, a 90mm, a custom wooden handle, the original black handle, a camera strap, the original xpan brochure, and lots of other goodies like manuals, hasselblad original slides, as well as a vanguard camera bag. Reach out if you need additional information or photos. Only serious buyers and bids please. If you need photos, or more info pm . Thanks
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