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  1. I won’t even mention what I can do with zip ties.
  2. Hi, might I recommend using the cardboard tube from paper towels and some tape. It's a perfect fit on mine. Price is right as well.
  3. Hi, that sounds like a good solution. Being cheap, I chose to stick with off-the-shelf items. As for my motor, it’s a crystal Thoma handgrip model that locks in 24 or 25 frames (switchable) or can have a variable rate. I do have an original motor but haven’t shot with it but did hook it up and it runs. I’m not an expert in matters but perhaps the varying speed is a result of fluctuating voltage. Input Voltage: For a fixed load, the speed of the motor is affected by applied voltage. Increase in voltage = increase in speed I’m going to start by saying I am not a tech and tha
  4. Had the camera out today so thought I’d add an image of the 2 battery solutions I use. The Milwaukee is 12v and I’ve shot several hundred feet with no issues at 24p. The v-mount I haven’t tried but at full charge it’s 16.3v.
  5. I haven’t tried it but it did arrive. It says it’s an E26 base. The Eiko ECT Lamp (500W/120V) is a white interior-frosted bulb with an E26 (Edison) base and a color temperature of 3,200K. Eiko ECT Lamp at B&H 500w E26
  6. I'll second the aperture lantern which comes with a black skirt with velcro which is very handy. I couples it with a Genaray portabright led that has a battery and an xlr power connection for 12v. Put it on a good boom pole and you're set. It's basic Wes Anderson lighting which Bob Yeoman explains in Team Deakins podcast #92. I tried it on a recent walk and talk piece and it was great. So easy or you can mount the boom pole on a stand and hang a sandbag off the end to balance the light. Here's a good behind the scenes where you can see it in action.
  7. I have two Mole Richardson 407 1k fixtures that I've put Visionsmith LED relamps in. It's still a little weird grabbing them when they're on but they work well and the 407 has a decent size Fresnel lens on it. The daylights run around 5200k in temperature FYI and aren't quite 1k in power but work very well and the fans are very quiet. I'll also add that Moles are very fast and easy to adjust compared to most other lights.
  8. I think Stephen is correct but I'm guessing you haven't checked out the forums at www.rogerdeakins.com where you can ask him yourself. Great forums and podcast. Also - I just ordered an Eiko 500w bulb for $5 for just that purpose.
  9. Good to see another Arri 2C techniscope user. Great camera and 2-perf helps make 35mm more affordable. I haven't been to Torino but have driven by a few times on the way to Cambiano. I kept my bolex so I could recreate the home movie look. Best of luck!
  10. An easy solution is a v-mount battery with a d-tap to xlr cable which is close to 16v fully charged. I also use a milwaukee battery with a USB power source adapter that has a 12v plug and I have a connecting cable with an xlr plug. This is also very handy to power led lights, zoom motors, charging phones, etc. The cable is a DC 5.5 X 2.1mm Male to 4 Pins XLR Male Connector Power Cable
  11. I know this is an old thread but I had a few hundred feet of 5219 in a mag that traveled around in my trunk and was baked for days in 95 degree heat (black car as well) and then it sat for a couple weeks more at room temp and then back in the trunk in the heat again (didn't finish the roll) and in Rob's able hands at Cinelab it turned out great. I also use it in still cameras like my nikonos all summer at the beach with no effects. YMMV
  12. Just seen on eBay - a 2-Perf 235 techniscope original Arri movement for $25,000. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRI-ARRIFLEX-235-35MM-MOTION-PICTURE-CAMERA-2-PERF-TECHNISCOPE-KIT-CASE-SCARCE-/193819167319?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  13. Yes, it's a nice thing to have. There's still a few on eBay.
  14. I believe that’s an Angenieux 25-250 3.9. I have the same lens and while it does better with support as Dennis Hopper used in The Last Movie it can hang on the turret which is also how it was used in Easy Rider. I have a rod support Sam’s Cine 2c base that I’ve been able to mod to use the bracket that takes a Cinema Products Zoom motor which is real cool. I also found a Rod and bracket like Hopper used which is much simpler and connects to the Arri 2c matte box support. I’ve learned a lot from looking at old photos about how different people used and set up the camera.
  15. By the way, that’s Ermanno Olmi in the photos. His movies are great but the story on how he made them is better. He started work making industrial films for a company then used the equipment, a few coworkers and some locals to make dramatic films and became somewhat famous. I love how he took real situations and used real people to make his movies.
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