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  1. To be honest I was thinking back to the 'out of work thread' very early in the pandemic and in light of recent anti-Asian violence I felt bad about my replies. However I just looked them up and they weren't as offensive as I remember. I think the Chinese government did a horrible job and continues to do many bad things but I don't wish to bring that sentiment on innocent people/their citizens/our citizens. That is just something I don't want to add fuel to the fire of, though I guess the thread's locked and we aren't reaching millions of people, I don't know, I still feel guilt. I a
  2. This is what I’m asking for, I’m trying to minimize my online time as the pandemic is ending and I don’t feel like I need to post here any more. I don’t understand why I can’t delete my account/have the name removed once I’m gone. I’m not asking to post under a pseudonym. I’ve also never had to ask for an account deletion publicly before. It’s usually under account settings of most websites/forums. I’m not trying to ruffle feathers I just want to delete my account and not have it anchored to me forever.
  3. Didn't know that, my bad. Also not asking for that. Could buy name be changed to Guest or something? I've seen it done before
  4. hello, would like to change my name and delete my account to erase my presence from this website. nothing against it, I just want more personal privacy.
  5. Hi David, sorry for the late reply. I meant I took a liking to 1.85 after maybe being too dogmatic about scope/anamorphic. As you said, the difference between 1.85/1.78 is nearly indistinguishable. That was just a screenshot, new laptop I don't remember where I put my color correction stills, so I did quick grab.
  6. Barry Lyndon is such a beautifully shot film. Might be my favorite Kubrick. I'm a nobody so not sure what my opinion is good for. But I really LOVE 1.85, it crosses between intimate and widescreen really well. 2.2/2.35:1 is you have something truly epic to shoot. I'd probably default to 1.85 until I had something with true 'scope' to make. I as neurotic and had this exported to 1.85 opposed to 16:9, even though we filmed it 16:9 safe
  7. Hope so. I usually like to have a few beers out especially when I'm writing to not go insane. Canned beer doesn't really replicate having a cold one out so I just didn't bother buying any. Plus I don't want to divert any attention away from fighting illness, even small amounts of alcohol take priority in the liver. Between that and all the cardio I do, I figure i'll be in good enough shape to fight it if i get it
  8. I've actually not been drinking since the lockdown happened and I've already lost five pounds
  9. I'm not actually a fan of shallow dof, is there a way to counter act this on the LF given it'll probably be the more popular capture device going forward?
  10. Good point I'm going to need a source on this. I just asked both parents and they said of course there will be an immune response/short lived immunity. That's all you will need for herd immunity
  11. That's a hard call for anyone to make, had this looked like the SARS 1 outbreak I would understand not taking it as seriously as we are now, which it kind of did until Italy
  12. Didn't know about that, that's pretty bonkers. I have doubts that there would have been government response before it happened regardless
  13. It's insane that politics are coming into this at all aside from establishing a safety net for the people who are indefinitely out of work. If they can bail out banks and airlines, they sure as hell need to bail out their people who they've demanded stop living life. I'm not sure how it's racist to tell an oppressive government that treats its people inhumanly to stop creating massive global problems. It's not a judgment on the people, but it's total intellectual dishonesty to pretend like there isn't a government to hold to account for this. Maybe if we weren't addicted to iphone's we w
  14. You went outside and other people were there? Stop the presses, it's almost like it's safe to go on a walk or hike because it's not a effective way to transfer a virus from person to person. I've noticed something very different I live in Toluca Lake and I drove up to the costco on Sherman Way and Tujunga early saturday morning and the streets were empty aside from a bum peeing right onto lankershim, and police cars were in most parking lots, looked plenty locked down to me. I don't want to risk arrogance but the majority of people who get this virus will be just fine, in fact a lot will
  15. For whatever it's worth, it was one of the best looking films I've seen all year, also a great story, I wouldn't have changed a thing-- saw it on a big IMAX screen
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