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  1. @Kaspar Lerch does it work? how much do you want for it? G
  2. @Stephen Perera Buenísimo, gracias bro! I'll do some tests with the Miami sunset and my Beaulieu r16 and use the tips. Trying to get into that zone system mentality, and working up the confidence for celluloid. Not a lot of people shooting film in Miami though, Saludos, Gregorio.
  3. Hey1 im also looking for recans to test camera, any chance you'd share the source? 🙂 Gregorio
  4. Dude this looks amazing! Im curious to know how you rated the film for the beach scene, how is the sun and the shadows so beautifully exposed? Os is the low sun in that area just really soft? What was the setup-lense, etc? gregorio.
  5. Hi Derek! You still selling? Looking to buy a 16mm for short. Greg
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