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  1. Hi ! Does the zeiss 16 mm super speed mk I cover the super 16 format ? Thanks ! Max
  2. Hello , I'm just wondering if the s 16 800 ft films stock is still available or is discontinued. If yes, do you need to have a special order to Kodak or fuji ? Thanks a lot, max
  3. Hello, the Actionmaster 500 e is a fantastic camera... It's 16 mm not a super 16. There is a s16 version but It's only a recent version come after the 1997. Your look like a 16 mm . I have one of this cameras. You can shoot slow-motion footage till 500 fps . This camera use double perforated film stock ( you have to be carefull when you buy the film because now is all mono perforated for the s16) But you can still find it... The camera is quite simple to use it .. Only the magazine film load is a bit triky... But if you have the manual you can do it.. If not I can help you ... I don't see in your picture the battery ... camera run with 30 volt battery... if you need more info , let me know, max
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