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  1. For those who might be interested in film... Live today! 7pm PT! Watch the interview with W9 about the making of the award winning short film THE LAST RESORT! An Official GeekFest Film Fest Year 8 Selection! Learn about a film shot on real film! I will be showing all of the gear that I used to make the film. If you can't make the live event, the interview will be posted indefinitely. Thanks for your support! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NabQqVapYXM
  2. I believe photographers (film or digital), filmmakers/HD movie makers (digimakers) should just embrace their format and not try and make it look like something else... I also believe that If you shoot on film, call yourself a filmmaker. If you shoot on HD, call yourself an HD or digital movie maker (digimaker). There is a difference between the two formats. Portray yourself accurately because people within the movie/ photography business and consumers have the right to know what they are watching and paying for.
  3. I'm going to try these out... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1495604-REG/sirui_sh15_75mm_bowl_aluminum_tripod.html/reviews https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/970945-REG/magnus_dwf_2_universal_tripod_dolly.html
  4. Check this out. I just ordered them. Reviews are good. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1495604-REG/sirui_sh15_75mm_bowl_aluminum_tripod.html/reviews https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/970945-REG/magnus_dwf_2_universal_tripod_dolly.html
  5. I'm looking for a newer tripod that can hold my 16mm Aaton LTR. Something that I can attach casters to. The camera fully loaded weighs about 19lbs. Any recommendations...?
  6. 14 rolls of 7266 Tri-X Reversal, @ $35.00 ea.
  7. 5222 Double_X is awesome. RAGING BULL, 1980 and BROADWAY DANNY ROSE, 1984. I considered it for my last short, but you're right, I wanted the contrast.
  8. Thanks! I'm trying to convince new film/movie makers as well that super 8 an 16mm is more cost effective than people think... It's hard fighting the HD invasion... Super 8 is not as limiting as you/people might think. All the dissolves in my short film THE LAST RESORT (except for one) were done in camera withe the lap dissolve button. My Aaton LTR can't do that. Plus, using a separate sound unit is common in film/movie making and super 8 cameras that have sound capabilities are "blimped" enough to record while shooting. As far a 16mm, I have been shooting it again. My latest f
  9. The price of stock footage can vary... I shoot on film. I shot my feature film on 16mm. So I needed 30 to 60 seconds of vintage sports footage (curling from the 1960s) shot on 16mm film. I found what I needed after a long search at POND5. 48 seconds of vintage 16mm footage in its original aspect ratio at 1080 2K. Cost - $69.00. That includes a standard licensing agreement. Time length had nothing to do with it; it was about the rarity of the footage. If I wanted just regular HD footage of curling, I seen varying price for shorter time lengths, say, $50.00 for 10 seconds... It all de
  10. Best thing to do is secure an entertainment lawyer. When a distributor decided to pick up my feature film I read through the giant contract and made several notes of what I wanted to negotiate. I sent the contract and my notes to my lawyer and he drafted another version of the contract with my notes and his. I sent that draft to the distributor and we hashed out the terms. I believe it is a favorable agreement for the both of us. The process took a few weeks, but the key thing is that the distributor was willing to work with me.
  11. The film is done! THE LAST RESORT short film has been in the festival circuit for the last year winning awards and getting a lot of attention. Here's the teaser:
  12. Thank you. The Canon 1014XL-S can record sound, but I did not record any sound while filming. I shot the film at 24fps and recorded all dialog in post production. I "looped" the footage and had the performers say their lines about three times each and synced what worked to the proper take. All sound effects are canned. The complete mix and sound design was manufactured at Warehouse 9 Productions, Ltd. It was really fun!
  13. Anyone still using an analog light meter for film? To be clear, REAL FILM, not HD. I have a digital Sekonic Flashmate L-308X-U that I have been using and it keeps telling me to open the camera up more than I need to... I just bought an analog Sekonic L28c2 and I'm getting reading that I believe to be more accurate... I mean, the difference between the two meters can be up to a 2 stop difference, with the digital meter always pushing an over exposed image. I even sent the digital back to Sekonic for calibration and I'm getting the same readings... Do the digital meters today understand
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