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  1. Did you tell the lab about the crease on your camera reports?
  2. Folks like this are hastening the death of film. Hoarding all the gear, not using and not making it a little easier to get in the hands of the next generations. I see this happening with all kinds of 16/35mm gear. A lot of them see themselves as collectors and want to sell at insane prices. They are real stinkers.
  3. Hi, Some cameras I think are great for handheld -- Aaton LTR, Aaton XTR and Aaton A-minima, Eclair ACL, Cinema Products GSMO, and the Cinema Products CP-16r. Good luck and Pura Vida! I should add - Arri 416 if you're feeling spendy.
  4. What did you get for it, if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. Hey Rick, What are you asking for these -- Arriflex SR-III High Speed 16mm Kit Arriflex SR-II P&S TECHNIK Evolution 200FPS Variable Shutter
  6. I'm looking for an ACL ii. Super or reg, Is anybody looking to get rid of one, or know where I could get one? Besides ebay I mean. Thanks
  7. Looking for a decent 16 or S16 package. Thanks z
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a 16mm flatbed editor in working condition. Thanks z
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