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  1. I'd suggest either your stream was throttled or you have noise reduction enabled on your TV. It's quite the grainy movie.
  2. Landed today on Netflix. Who has seen it and what did you make of its look?
  3. Nothing comes close to Irishman. 1917 is too much of a gimmick imo - but the Academy likes that sort of thing, so expect it to take home all the major categories.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/cinematography/comments/avbimi/romas_cinematography_in_question_galo_olivares/
  5. Students or general enthusiasts in film who ask questions like the one in the OP do not tend to make it in the industry. If you don't feel a compulsion to explore and learn all there is, to study from the masters - then you won't make good work.
  6. If my memory serves, Life On Mars was 16mm. Lucky that it wasn't shot on digibeta as the BBC had history doing that back in the 00s because it was a very good drama.
  7. Fascinating for all those interested in cinematography. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VJl8Tk91MY
  8. Storaro is also on board for Allen's next film (A Rainy Day in New York) which I think has already finished shooting. It's interesting seeing the two work together, some interesting results arising.
  9. Extremely hyperbolic - it's nowhere near as bad as you say.
  10. So you'd avoid watching a film that doesn't have flashy cinematography? It's a great show. Lynch is pushing the envelope massively.
  11. Unbelievably beautiful cinematography and use of the IMAX format, but not much cop as a film in my opinion. Given Christopher Nolan has directed it though, it will get lauded to high heaven.
  12. Which doc is this? Assuming the stuff Vivian Kubrick shot? I don't remember that bit. I think by the time of Eyes Wide Shut Kubrick was effectively his own DP.
  13. Have any other users had a chance to check it out? It's interesting aesthetically to me because it doesn't resemble any other of the high budget TV shows on the air right now, mainly in the sense it's not at all filmic and doesn't try to be. Very flat, very digital. Would hope Peter Deming will talk a little about how he approached it soon.
  14. Best Blu Rays I have seen: One-Eyed Jacks (Criterion) Spartacus (2014 remaster) Lawrence of Arabia (Sony) Persona (Criterion - all of their Bergman films are jawdropping, brings new life into the close-ups) Many of the early Bond movies look fabulous, all were 4K restored The Quiet Man (Olive) Shane (Warner/Masters of Cinema UK) Sweet Smell of Success (Criterion/Arrow - the blacks are soooo inky!) Stalker (the new upcoming Criterion version, debuting July '17) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (Warner Bros.) The Tree of Life (Fox) Mulholland Drive (Studio Canal 2017 4K remaster). The Searchers looks great as well, even though it was one of the first Blu Ray titles released in 2006. Would look even better today though with a 4K scan. Many of the other VistaVision movies look terrific like Vertigo and NBNW.
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