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  1. Mattias. I am out of subject here, I have just visited your site, very nice trailer, How long is the movie? Dimitrios Koukas u can msn me at DimitriosPilot@msn.com
  2. Rick, You need solution for something else than the news? Or for actors that move on a set.Or a talk show? For the first,I would suggest a set of dedolights, u can very easily stick their small base on the set, somewhere just outside your frame. Also u can clamp on the set something like a Yaniro clamp, and use a flags arm as an extension.There u can rig a 500w fresnel or 300w. I hope that I have been helpfull Dimitrios Koukas
  3. he-he, A good point there Thomas Dimitrios Koukas
  4. Mattias I said go for the SR,wich means SILENT REFLEX and any of the three.Read better before you attack me. Like the proffesionals that make movies in the old days, or you are ignoring that there was good cinema in the old days? And by the way, I don't want u to think that I have a problem with small cameras or old cameras, I have used bollex for time lapse effects or animation work, it's just I am suggesting a camera with better lens options here. That's all. Turret cameras are also difficult to balance them for handheld shots, cause most of them are nose weighted. Some Arri SR's have a mod as S16 camera's and u can even do a blow up to 35mm and get a good screenning. Dimitrios Koukas
  5. Are u trying to say in a political way that most of the people in this forums trying to find a job? I thought we suppose to help eachother, and especially the most advanced members the newest ones. Correct me if I am wrong.As for the show reel, well I think it lacks a D.P. sometimes ;) Dimitrios Koukas
  6. Jaan, I guess they will use wireless mics? Anyway, we are waiting to tell us if u have the budget or not, there are many solutions as they allready posted, but depends on budget and aesthetics. Dimitrios Koukas e.g I would have sudgested 50fps, but I know it's a sound scene too.
  7. Np, :) I am sure you know all the other ways, like scorpio heads and gyro thre axis heads, but this won't give you the random movement. Dimitrios Koukas
  8. First of all disable the auto gain fixture , this will make your filtration work.So your shallow DOF. Dimitrios Koukas
  9. Friend, Do u mean that the dogs that put in the luggage, flying in a non pressurised cabin? Or cows , chickens or anything? Sorry friend, the whole aircraft is pressurised.Believe me I ve got a Private Pilot's Licence, PPL.The airplane needs to be pressurised equal to 6800ft atmosphere. Dimitrios
  10. What Eclair? The NPR or the ECL? What u are telling me here is a bourage, the inability of the magazine to properly pull down the film. Haven't u heard any weird noise while shooting? Was the film came out nicely? Did the laboratory noticed anything? If your film is ok and has not bends or scratches then it's an unsufficient loop. Tell me what Eclair you have to tell u the loop. DImitrios Koukas
  11. If you want a high speed lens there is one angenieux 50mm for 16mm at 0.95. I am not sure if you can find it anywhere though, I have one in my inventory. It's a C mount for Eclair NPR. Why not use Pro-Mist or anything similar? Dimitrios Koukas
  12. John, Do u have to track in to an CU , or you can cut? Usyally u can ask the actors for the close ups to smooth down a bit, I am not sure if smaller shutter will help. Funny thing is that most of the times the close-ups usually happens in the end when they stop to take a breath till carry on in the GS. Is it a stedicam shot? Dimitrios Koukas
  13. Switchable yes,but are u saying that has a 4:3 ccd that is letterboxed? If this is so, then I am takin back what I was just said, And thanks. Fact is that when u see the WSP or W in the end u re sure that u can shoot 16:9. Dimitrios Koukas
  14. Sounds cool. The problem with all this, is that when u have to follow the subject in a room it's quiet annoying, either ways, my way too. Other thing u can do is having her holding her spotlight everywhere she goes! Just jokin. Dimitrios Koukas
  15. Just for Aesthetics, if you know what it is? Dimitrios Koukas
  16. Sorry I was just beeing proffesional, didn't knew that u shoot your holidays on 16mm Dimitrios Koukas
  17. Dimitrios Koukas

    Shooting Sun

    There is no problem shooting at the sun at all, If you just always pointing at it with your iris set to a diaphragm that is appropriate. Go with the high definition camera. If the sun could burn the ccd, then why not a highlight on a scene wouldn't do the same? All has to do with the amount or strength of light that falls on to the ccd. U can have an extended shot of everything, if it's normal exposed. Dimitrios Koukas
  18. M8, usually all the Sony cameras have the W after their type, wich goes for Wide, Some 570's for other counties may go only 4:3. Do u see the W after? Dimitrios
  19. OOOPPPSS!! Don't go with a news camera-light on camera! One thing you can do, is to use a theatrical light or a fresnel light, let's say 1k, above your camera, and if you want the spot light effect the cut a circle on a cardboard, and place it away from your source. you can have the circle focused or diffused by moving the cardboard close to the light source for softenning edges, or away to make it more visible. In case that the actor is moving a lot use the same technigue with a 500W fresnel on camera, but with the cardboard ahead of it. I bet you can find a way to rig it to where u want. Dimitrios Koukas
  20. Hey Algis. Some production tips for a feature film: 1. Find a good script 2. Find the best cast 3. With the cast you go for sponsors 4. With the cast and sponsors go for more funds 5. When u ve got the funds the cast and the sponcors, find a crew. 6. If you ever do the movie try to screen it, the sponcors won't give you anything if u wanna screen it in your living room.You see everyone needs a motivation. The actors, the sponsors, even KODAK or Fuji needs some. Regards Dimitrios Koukas
  21. Nick, Can u bemore specific? I am confused.what has Brian eno has to do with this? I went to the link but I can't find a connection... Dimitrios Koukas
  22. Just don't quit m8, Have faith and believe on what you are doing. Some patience is required and also collect info about production companies , renting houses and go door to door and ask them. Dimitrios Koukas
  23. we did once some great shot of a piano falling and how this would look from the piano's view.You see that piano was falling on someone's car, so we wanted to see the car from above. We used this very simple but very sofisticated method: we have attached an arri 435 on a heavy chain and thru a big sprocket . We measured the chain's weight and the camera's weight.As the camera was falling from above the chains weight went bigger till it stoped the camera! We have hanged the camera from the hand grip (top). U can stop the camera's rotation with a rope somewhere attached in the camera's mounting plate. Be sure to leave enough chain on the other end. So u will need a crane (maybe like the ones the builders use to carry things from level to level), a sprocket and some heavy chain. If you want I can make a drawing for u. We first ofcource tested all this with adding some sand bags with same weight as the camera's weight. Dimitrios Koukas
  24. All aircrafts have pressurised cabins, If your can will blow, then u will blow too. Only in case of sudden cabin pressure lost you will have this happen, but then who cares? It would be to late for all. But if the regulation don't approve it, then buy one can at the next location. No problem if you fly bellow 10,000 ft. Dimitrios Koukas
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