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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am going to let go my mattebox set: O'Connor O-Box WM matte box system deluxe 3-stage 4"x4" and 4"x5.65" It comes with a GeckoCam-modified third stage, one of them rotatable - top flag, side flages left/right (one fixing screw on top exchanged) - 15mm & 19mm rod clamp - 4x 4"x5.65" filterholder, - 2x 4"x4" filterholder - 110mm clamp donut - 114mm rubber donut w/ holder inside for 138mm round filters (i.e. pola), rotatable - 80mm screw-in adapter for rubber donut (adapts the 114mm down to 80mm) 800 EUR plus postage
  2. Set of Tiffen White Pro Mists 4x4 1/8 1/4 Never used still sealed 1/2 1 Never used still sealed 2 Bonus... Just labelled Pro Mist.. Not sure its white pro mist but included as a bonus... Freya
  3. You can buy any one 4x4 for $45, two for $75, for three or more add $25 per filter. Here's the list and how many I have of each: 3 Tiffen Coral 1/8 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 1/4 4x4 3 Tiffen Coral 1/2 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 1 4x4 3 Tiffen Coral 2 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 3 4x4 4 Tiffen Coral 4 4x4 0 Tiffen Coral 5 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 6 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 7 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 8 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral SET (1/8-8) 4x4 0 Tiffen 82 4x4 0 Tiffen 82A 4x4 1 Tiffen 82B 4x4 0 Tiffen 82C 4x4 1 Tiffen 82 SET (82, A/B/C) 4x4 4 Tiffen 812 4x4 5 Tiffen 85 4x4 3 Tiffen 85N.3 4x4 1 Tiffen 85N.6 4x4 0 Tiffen 85N.9 4x4 0 Tiffen 85N1.2 4x4 3 Tiffen 85 POLA 4x4 1 Tiffen 85 SET 4x4 3 Tiffen 85B 4x4 0 Tiffen 85B N.3 4x4 3 Tiffen 85B N.6 4x4 4 Tiffen 85B N.9 4x4 0 Tiffen 85B N1.2 4x4 2 Tiffen 85B POLA 4x4 5 Tiffen 85C 4x4 1 Tiffen 85l SET (1/8-8) 4x4 3 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist 1/8 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1/4 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1/2 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1 4x4 2 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist2 4x4 SOLD Tiffen Warm BlackProMist SET 4x4 2 Tiffen BlackProMist 1/8 4x4 0 Tiffen BlackProMist 1/4 4x4 1 Tiffen BlackProMist 3 4x4 1 Tiffen BlackProMist 4 4x4 Tiffen BlackProMist 5 4x4 SOLD Tiffen BlackProMist SET 4x4 4 Tiffen Sepia 3 4x4 0 Tiffen Sepia 2 4x4 1 Tiffen Sepia 1 4x4 2 Tiffen Sepia SET 4x4 0 TiffenTobacco 1 4x4 0 TiffenTobacco 2 4x4 1 TiffenTobacco 3 4x4 1 TiffenTobacco SET 4x4 2 Tiffen Fluorescent B 4x4 1 Tiffen Fluorescent D 4x4 2 Tiffen Enhance 4x4 1 Antique Suede 1 4x4 1 Antique Suede 3 4x4 0 Tiffen ProMist 1/8 4x4 2 Tiffen ProMist 1 4x4
  4. Hi, I'm selling my filters; 28x Tiffen 4x4 filter. Also selling the metal flight case and a filter pouch for 6 filters. List of filters, 4x 85 4x 85 N3 4x 85 N6 4x 85 N9 2x 85B 1x 85B N3 1x 85B N6 1x 85B N9 1x 85POL 4x 81EF 1x 81EF ND3 1x 81EF ND6 1x 85EF ND9 Metal flight case secures 60 filters. The key for case is missing. Haida 100 filter pouch, holds 6 filters. More pics, Tiffen folder; https://jussipaita.imgur.com ASKING PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET 900 euro. If you´re interested write me an email: jniemela79(a)gmail.com
  5. Hi everyone! I have a job next week were I need to do some day interiors inside an office space. We want the lighting to be flat and have a nice higher key look. Think typical old school office vibe. I understand color temp has a lot do with this situation and my first thought is to replace all the green spiked overhead lights with color corrected Kino bulbs. The issue I'm having though is that the light levels still feel a little low in the space. Should I be adding more Kino's fixtures above people and have some sort of key source as well? This is sort of the look I am going for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzxVqaUS5s4 You can see how they managed to maintain an stale office feel but still make the color very consistent and even have some contrast to the images. What do you think they had for fixtures? Thanks to anyone who has thoughts on this!
  6. Hello, I am selling different 4x4 filters all great shape, all with a pouch. Here's the list and prices: - 4x4 Formatt Fog 1/4 and Fog 1/2: 80 EUR (for the two filters) - 4x4 Schneider Classic Soft 2: 80 EUR - 4x4 Tiffen Black Pro-Mist 2: 70 EUR - 4x4 Tiffen Glimmerglass 3: 120 EUR - 4x4 Schneider ND 0.9: 60 EUR - 4x4 Schenider IR ND 1.8 Platinum: 120 EUR Shipping is 9 EUR per filter to most countries. Combined shipping is cheaper. Payment by Paypal. Pictures available on request. Here is my e-mail: olivier@theblacksheep.be All the best, Olivier
  7. Hi everyone. I recently purchased an Arriflex Super16 SR-II and I am now looking for the following accessories: -ARRI 4x4 Swing-Away Matte Box -ARRI Lightweight Support (preferably with the 15mm rods) -ARRI Hand-grip If you have any or all of these items for sale, please PM me. Thanks a lot.
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