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Found 10 results

  1. I’m intending to do some double exposures on 16mm film with an Arri 416 camera. The most rudimentary method I could think of is just expose the entire roll (one stop underexposed, or however I feel is appropriate for the subject), make notes of the contents, and then reload the same film to shoot the second layer. But sometimes it would be really convenient to be able to just «rewind» the film right away to do the second layer. As far as I can see from the manual, there is no such function in the camera. I guess you could open the mag and do it manually, but it sounds cumbersome. Anyone done t
  2. Looking for a complete ARRI 416 Package. Based in Los Angeles. I also have a ARRICAM LT with 3 x 400ft mags and 2 x 1000ft mags I might be willing to either sell or make a trade (depending on items included) Message me if anyone has any leads Thank you Matthew Chuang www.matthewchuang.com
  3. I am looking to purchase an ARRI 416 and/or 416 Plus. Please email cosmicbop@yahoo.com
  4. Hello everybody, I'm reading the Arri 416 camera manual and I'm running into some terms that I do not kno wthe meaning of. One of them is the Hirschmann clamp, what is it and what's its function? It's said that it's used to "replace fibre screens and the field lens" but I do not know what it means. Thanks so much in advance for te help, Davide
  5. Hey everybody, I’m shooting a short on Super-16 film at the end of October in Los Angeles and I’m looking for a DP. I’m hoping to shoot on an Arri 416. (The last time I made a Super-16 short I used the Aaton A-minima, which I loved, but apparently that is now defunct.) So... I would love to talk with anybody who has extensive experience with the 416 -- loading, etc. Also, if any anybody HAS the 416, that would of course be a double bonus. Or if anybody KNOWS a DP with his own 416, please pass this along. We are low budget, but THIS IS PAID. Please contact me pri
  6. Hi all, After starting out my "follow the 16mm dream" journey with a Arri Sr2 one and a half year ago I've now reached the wonderful position to own both a Aaton A-Minima and an Arri 416! Now nothing can stop me spending (loosing) money on personal projects that will go on forever… but every roll is a joy and a great learning experience! Today I encountered a problem with one of the magazines (or with my loading of it maybe?). The film was taken up unevenly and eventually started scratching the sides of the take-up chamber. It made a noise that was quite unusual for the normally super qui
  7. This Summer I'll be in France shooting some B-Roll in the Paris Metro/subway. It will be entirely available light down there, and I'm pretty sure it's all fluorescent. How best would I avoid light flicker? Camera is an Arri 416 Plus, shooting 7219. MOS. My usual framerate is 24fps with 180 degrees shutter otherwise, but if I'm down in the Metro with presumably 50Hz fluorescents, would it make sense to shoot that footage at 25fps since it's MOS, and the 1 frame difference in camera speed would be negligible in post? I'd prefer not to pull out the shutter tool and switch the angle manua
  8. Have for sale an Arriflex 416 Plus package. Included are: Top handle. 2 400' mags IVS videotap. cases cables. Production-ready. Regularly serviced and cleaned at a Los Angeles camera house. Also have a large selection of compatible glass listed here as well. $9000 contact kennysule@gmail.com
  9. Camera Essentials is having a closeout sale on our film camera raincovers - the prices are awesome. Please call or email Patti at (626) 844-3722 or cameraessentials@gmail.com for more info or pix. Camera Essentials Weather Protectors: Film Camera’s (#1068) Arri 235 200’ magazine $75.00 (#1070) Arri 235 400’ magazine $78.00 (#1072) Arri 416 $125.00 (#1057) Arri 435 (1000’ zoom) $179.00 (#2249) Arricam LT (1000’ prime) $189.00 (#2244) Arricam ST prime $199.00 (#2245) Arricam ST zoom $199.
  10. I'm looking to buy a super 16 package in great condition and working order, any one of the following camera kits would be amazing - AATON XTR PROD or XTERRA or ARRI SR3 or ARRI 416. I need the kit to be usable straight away once a lens is added - so no spares or repairs. If anyone knows of any for sale please let me know, other s16 kits considered as well as long as they are ready to shoot once a lens is added. I'm working on a small budget. Thanks, Ian
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