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  1. Guillermo Garza has one for sale... SR3 kit too. Hit him up on instagram. Located in LA
  2. Canon 11-165mm T2.5 Beautiful look. Clean Glass, no scratches, no fungus. Super 16mm Film Format - 3K Komodo, 2K Komodo (Get wide for high speed), Blackmagic Pocket Camera 2.8K, 2K Crop Modes. Pl mount Close focus - 3' Front diameter - 95mm Weight - 2268g Length - 190mm Includes Hard Case, Front and Rear caps Located in Los Angeles $3800 US
  3. For Sale ARRICAM LT 3-perf / 4-perf Package 3-perf movement newly installed by Andree Martin in LA. Camera located in Los Angeles. Serious buyers only. Asking Price - US $37K Open to trade for gear and cash... Lenses etc ARRICAM LITE 35MM CAMERA BODY LT CAMERA HANDLE IN (CAM) CASE LT VIEWFINDER LT VIEWFINDER EXTENSION WITH 2X MAGNIFICATION LT TO ST MAGAZINE ADAPTER LT CENTRE HANDLE 400' SHOULDER MAG X3 1000’ ST MAG X2 LT IVS PAL SD ARRI Power Cable 3 pin XLR m to Fischer S105 FILTER MASK GATE MASK (ANSI FULL) FORMAT GROUND GLASS S COMM. FORMAT CAMERA APERTURE COVER 3 – Perf Movement 1.85, 2.35, 1.72 Ground Glass for 3 Perf 4 – Perf Movement Assort Ground Glass for 4 Perf https://www.instagram.com/p/BIoJS5DjM-d/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BoPhkMBnWTD/
  4. Hi there, Anyone looking to sell their set of Cooke SK4 Super16 lenses? Get in touch. Thank you Matt
  5. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had a ARRI 416 On Board Battery Adapter for sale. Such as the one for sale by Oppenheimer. Thank you very much Matt
  6. Just letting everyone know there is someone called Ethan Smith who contacted me trying to sell a ARRI 416 kit. It is a scam. The item list was an exact copy and paste of another person's listing on this site. They were insistent on paying by bank transfer instead of PayPal or Kitmondo... websites and instagram are newly created and his passport did not pass a document check. Beware
  7. Looking for a complete ARRI 416 Package. Based in Los Angeles. I also have a ARRICAM LT with 3 x 400ft mags and 2 x 1000ft mags I might be willing to either sell or make a trade (depending on items included) Message me if anyone has any leads Thank you Matthew Chuang www.matthewchuang.com
  8. WTB Looking for ARRI Ground glass and ARRIGLOW/Frameglow masks for 435 and ARRICAM systems. Also Format Masks for ARRICAM Interested in all aspect ratios Located in Melbourne, Australia Thank you Matt matt@matthewchuang.com
  9. Just want to confirm, this is definitely sold?
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