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Found 11 results

  1. I know some people on this forum feel like nobody should touch a camera if he or she is not a technician and at some extent I agree. I have a couple of nice cameras that I love and those cameras have been properly maintained by technicians and I know how expensive it can be and I paid to get it done, but some times there is no technician whiling to work on your camera (Nikon R10) and some insensible people in GA are happy to say send the camera we can fix it, I sent its they said Nikon doesn't sell parts any more... Are you kidding me? You didn't know that? I opened the camera and fixed it myself and I did a clean job not like that guy. In a different case I just got an extremely dirty gray Scoopic, after hours cleaning it it was like new, but no image on the viewfinder. I noticed a rattling noise in the light meter area, I checked for light on the gate and there's none, so that's the prism out of place. I paid $130 for the camera, and just sending it to the east coast is going to cost me that much, not mentioning the $400 + that it's going to cost to get it fixed, but my main point is I have a Scoopic MS and I bought this camera to do some experimentation, I never intended to use it, so my options are selling the camera for parts or trying to fix it myself. I got the service manual, it was kind of scary the amount of things you have to remove to get acmes to the main part, but I did it and when I was there it was so dirty, the light seal foam solidify (very common issue) and there was a messed inside all over the place mixed with dust and there was the prism just out of place. I started cleaning all the mess and I can see how the camera appreciate what I'm doing. Every time I clean something it feels like the camera is going to be better, even if I don't add lubrication I'm eliminating that dust and the friction that it causes, I'm feeling confident that I can put it back and the camera will work again as a U16 camera. Again I know some people think is not a good idea, but I'm very detailed oriented, I know how to use tools, I understand how cameras work, I have time and patience, I can solder, I have made repairs on still photo cameras and I want to do it, because I want to learn. I have searched for schools and I couldn't find one and there are a copule of mediocre camera shops here where I live, so no way to ask someone to tach me. I know it's a long post but I needed to make a point. Now what kind of lubricant shouldI use on gears, plastic, metal, joints? Grease or oil and what kind? Even more important, what are the guidelines to use either one? I know oil must be applied in very small quantities, if you can comment on that I would really appreciate it too and again even better what are the rules, guidelines or principles? Thank You so much in advance and sorry about the long post.
  2. I just got my Canon Scoopic 16 back from Bernie at Super16inc and I'm ready to shoot with it. I've really wanted to test the Kodak 500T stock pushed 2 stops to 2000 but expose it at 1600 for a 1/3 overexposure. I'll be shooting downtown Buffalo, NY at night using street lamps and various city lights and really want to see how this performs. I have the original grey model scoopic 16 and from the manual, it says it is F stops not T stops and it's 24fps with 1/64 shutter. I have a sekonic L- 478D-U that I will use for metering. Can anyone give me any tips or let me know if I'm doing something wrong with how I'll be metering and pushing the film? Thanks in advance! -Ryan
  3. I'm looking to sell my Canon Scoopic. I bought it several years ago and anticipated using it, but I never did, my K-3 always took precedence due to the ability to use different lenses. I'd like to send it to a good home where someone would like to use it for shooting. The Inside of the camera is clean, the lens and viewfinder are clean, but the exterior and leather grip have wear from lots of use. The previous owner must have loved this thing and taken it everywhere, the case has got a bunch of travel stickers on it and the metal is tarnished. The battery boxes are clean but will need to be re-celled. It's easy to re-cell yourself and you can get new cells from Du-All. Also Comes with: Lens Hood An extra takeup reel with metal can. The Canon Scoopic SF Tiffen High Trans #85 Filter Tiffen Professional SF #85 Filter Wratten N.D. Filter #96 "1.0" (Gelatin) The 13-76 Lens and Filters have good glass. I'm not going to charge a ridiculous price because I know there are better scoopic models out there, and I know that the camera mechanisms could use a good CLA. If you're interested please respond to this post, I can provide plenty of pictures and we can discuss a price.
  4. Hello everyone, I recently got a Canon Scoopic Ms and it's ready to roll. The camera is very easy to use and I found some helpfull info here and on other websites, but I couldn't find the user manual. Do you guys have a pdf version that you can share? I have the Scoopic M user manual and the camera is very easy to use, but maybe someone can tell me what the "Remote" options printed in orange and only available on the MS version do. Was there a remote for the camera? Can the camera be triggered electronically? Thanks in Advance.
  5. Looking to buy some canon scoopic 16m batteries. Mine are done for and I'm hoping to buy some as I'm not sure I'm capable of re celling. Thanks! - Hunter O'Shea
  6. My Scoopic batteries have lost their will to live and no longer hold a charge. My local Batteries Plus wouldn't even take a look at them and I have a shoot coming up in a month so I'm hoping to find one or two good working batteries for a Canon Scoopic 16m. Thanks! - Hunter
  7. I recently picked up a canon scoopic 16m after a lengthy search for something in my price range and upon receiving my first test reel back I am very happy with the results, however there appears to be many hairs In the gate and I was hoping someone could instruct me or point me in the direction of a tutorial of how I can gain access to the gate and remove the hairs/dust. I appreciate any help that can be offered! I'm including a link to a sound sync test to give a visual of the obstructions. https://vimeo.com/135114021 Thanks! -Hunter
  8. hi, looking to buy a couple of canon scoopic battery shells, the old grey 16. Thanks!
  9. I wanted to see if I could get any advice about shooting Kodak 7219 500T film in my Canon Scoopic. The ASA speed maxes out at 380. Will this overexpose everything? Should I only shoot with interior lighting? Could it be used in daylight with an ND filter? I'm new to this, so I'm still learning a lot. Thanks for any advice! - Joe
  10. Hey Gang, I just purchased a Canon Scoopic MS off eBay. It came loaded with a Pro DV. 6X Wide Angle Adapter on the lens. I've shot a test with it on to test out the camera itself, I will have to do another without this adapter lens. This film is currently at the lab so I've yet to see it. When the lens is on the camera I can not use the zoom feature but it appears (at least thru the viewfinder, to me) that it is wide angle lens. (I am used to K3's so when you want a wide angle you get a Peleng 8mm fisheye or a Zenitar 16mm fisheye lens.) With the Pro DV .6X Wide Adapter on my lens the focus is for just I was wondering if this would make my camera a wide angle lens, but by how much? What is Pro DV .6x Wide Angle Adapter C62766? Is this similar to a Wide Angle lens adapter? P.S Has anyone ever used or have for sell a Canon Scoopic 400ft magazine adapter. The Scoopic takes CP 16r magazines and Mitchell 400ft Magazines, any one have a spare one of these they wanna get rid of ?
  11. Greetings, Does anyone have a 400ft adapter for the Canon Scoopic 16mm camera? I hear these things are pretty rare. Can one be made?
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