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Found 13 results

  1. I currently own a K-3 16mm camera that came with 5 ND filters. I'm trying to label them for shooting purposes, but there are no instructions on how to identify which filter is for what purpose. Does anyone know how to label them properly? Nathan
  2. Hello everyone, I've been lurking on these forums for a couple of years now, but this is my first time posting. Usually whenever I've had questions I can find answers here, and I'd like to thank you all because I have learned so much from this community. I have some concerns about my Krasnogorsk-3 that I'd like to discuss. I've been interested in learning to shoot on film, and I managed to purchase one back in January for about $60 after shipping. For a simple camera to learn on, I thought the price was great. As far as I can tell it runs smoothly and is in pretty good condition, but
  3. Hey everyone, Lately I've been looking for wide angle m42 lenses to use on my K-3. I'm quite fond of wide angle lenses, so the limited options available for this camera have been a bit frustrating. Even more so though, I've been really frustrated with the minimum focus of 2 meters on the Meteor 5-1, so my objective lately has been to find a decently wide M42 lens with a much closer minimum focus that I can use as my "normal" lens. Naturally, I've come across the two most common options; the Peleng 8mm and the Zenitar 16mm. I've seen good images with both, but I feel like the Peleng's more
  4. Hello all, Just sharing a few K-3 impressions and asking one question: Just came back from a session of extensive K-3 camera/lighting testing, including view finder/focus and light metering. It's a sunny day. Film and scratch tests on old, unused footage looks good: no scratches. Still need to run the footage a couple more times to make sure. Upper loop was one perf short but it ran just fine and smoothly (no "beating" sound) at 24 fps - yet: that doesn't show how footage will actually turn out. BTW: I found out that - if you don't let the motor wind down to a halt - the camera tra
  5. What I'd like to know is can the k-2 be used with modern western film (the same as the k-3 uses). The reason I want the k-2 rather then the k-3 is that it has remove able cartridges witch would make loading film quicker. Is the governor accurate in the camera? I'd like to shoot with sound if I have to re-dubb I can, but I have at least some idea of how long that takes. If someone could explain how to do re-dubbing that be grate, though I could figure that out with enough time. I'd like to know to know if using the k-2 is as usable as the k-3. The rig I'm planing on using is a blimp with a
  6. anyone know what sence the Krasnogorsk-3 was used on in "get on the bus"?
  7. Hey Guys, Firstly, just wanted to say hey as this is my first post on here! Right, basically I received my Krasnogorsk K-3 yesterday from an ebay seller. Whilst the description did not note anything regarding my issue, i found as I looked through the viewfinder that there appears to be a fair few marks/hair/dust etc. Now, is this something that will affect my picture at all, or is it something thats purely on the glass of the view finder? ( I can learn to live with it if so) Failing that, how easy is it to take apart and clean said effected area, and which tools would be bes
  8. Hello, I will be converting my K-3 in the near future, I already have the re-centered ring but I still want to get hold of a spare gate to widen, just in case I mess it up, a spare would be ideal. Anyone have one? Cheers, Gareth
  9. Hello! I've been lurking around this forum for a while reading up on all kinds of film-related knowledge. Well, a couple of days ago I bought a K-3 for an upcoming project. I've been loading it with dummy-film over and over, preparing for the real deal, on tuesday I'm supposed to shoot a test roll. Well, to the problem. The first thing I noticed was that I heard a sound while handling the camera, a rattling sound as if something really small fell around inside the insides of the camera. Then later the camera jammed, after some thinking I realised that the rattling sound was gone, so whate
  10. Hi all, I just picked up a K-3 for a comparatively inexpensive price. When I got it, I discovered the camera was jammed, and at full wind -- about 4 full turns -- it would only run for about eight seconds. I fixed the jam by raising the height of the drive sprocket -- it looks like someone who didn't know what they were doing took the thing apart to try and work on it, because the threads on one of the screws/posts holding the baffle plate on were stripped. Since I was able to fix the jam so easily, I'm wondering if anyone knows what the problem with the short run time is. If it's a matter
  11. To cinematography.com community, I recently just purchased an m42 krasnogorsk 3 off of ebay for 17.50 (which was a steal) , but i want to know some things. 1st- What lenses are compatible, any m42 or will shorter focal lengths cause vignetting? 2nd- What film works best with the k-3 unmodified? I want something balanced for tungsten but can be shot in daylight with a filter. 3rd- Is it worth it to get the light meter battery adapter, or should i use an external meter? 4th- Is the super 16 mod worth it? Thanks, J.M.
  12. I just bought krasnogorsk-3 and while i'm waiting for it to arrive i started to search for some data about it. To be quick here are the two main questions that i can't find any reliable answer to: 1. When did the production of k3 start and when did it end (- i guess with the collaps of ussr)? 2. Are there any movies that were shot with k3 (- i'll have to wait for a week or two until it arrives from Russia to Croatia, so i would like to watch some movie filmed with k3)? Sorry if there's already a post that answers this questions, i went through a lot of posts about k3 but i c
  13. Hi, Here we are in the twilight of motion picture reversal stocks. Be that as it may be, I have spent the best part of a year learning how to load my K-3, I finally got it, and today no film jams - smooth running on Tri-X all the way ;) I have a new lens as well, the last one was full of lens fungus :-o The mirror through the viewfinder is dreadfully tarnished. It doesn't really bother me that much, but can I clean it? Shame to have a grubby mirror if it can be cleaned up a little. Am in the UK btw so anything I do will have to be DIY, I don't think there are any K-3 boffins ov
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