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  1. Hello everybody. It comes to a time where you sell or die. So I'm selling. All my 16mm Film equipment. I'm listing in here first before going to eBay, as you guys might be interested in something and I can spare some of my time and a but of money that would go to to ePay. All I can guarantee is pristine/excellent. PM me and I can check and send you the best price I can do so I might sell some of it quick and painless. Here we go (separated by groups I intend to sell, not happy to split unless you make an offer I couldn't refuse: 1 Arriflex 16s Body in pristine Condition (being serviced by Les Bosher in UK). 2 Arri 16 S magazines (1x12VMotor and 1X 8V motors) 1 Tobin Rev Motor TXM 23 1 Arriflex 16s Body in pristine Condition (being serviced by Les Bosher in UK). 2 Arri 16 S magazines (2X 8V motors) 1 Tobin Rev Motor TXM 23 1 Bolex EL 16mm (late model, with Original Battery re-celled by Chambless Equipment USA) 2X Bolex Magazines 1 Take-up Motor 1 Kern Vario Switar 10-110 POE 1 Bayo-C Mount Adapter 1 Original (beated) Box. Some filters and other extras (Cables, etc) 1 Bolex Rex 5 ULTRA 16mm (by Bernie o'Doherty) 10, 16, 25 (collimated by Bernie too) & 50mm Lenses (recently acquired), all RX lens in pristine condition, no nasties of any kind, perfect images. Barely seen marks in the barrel in some (these will be the hardest pieces of my selling kit). 1 Original Bolex handle. + small extras, filter, etc. That's it. Let me know if any real takers around, just PM me. I can ship worldwide (from UK). A reminder that I'd make my best for a fair price. just please bear in mind they're all in great shape, even for collectors. And alsoI'm servicing the Arriflex with Les Bosher to be sure they will be sold working and in great shape. Thanks, Flavio
  2. HI All. Selling my Arri 16s. Just serviced by Les Bosher in UK. Arri 16s Body + 2 Magazines (1 12v by Tobin and 1 8V) + 1 Tobin TXM22a Motor + Original Arri 8V Motor + Original Matte Box. Kindly accepting offers before going for ePay. Pictures sent on request (attached only one as is allowed 100kb). Thanks, F
  3. Hey there, about to buy a late Aaton LTR 7. The camera has been converted to S16, but the mags haven't. Instead of having them expensively converted to S16 as well, could I use the camera with an XTR Prod 400' DX S16 magazine? I could get that for $200, that's why I'm asking about the mag compatibility of the LTR. Any help is highly appreciated.
  4. Hey folks, Slightly urgent issue here. I've just loaded an SR3 magazine and when I close the first door the film advance wheel (not sure what it's called) is very hard to wind. The other two I loaded spooled the film out quite easily. Should there be a lot of stick when winding the film out? Cheers for the help.
  5. Hi all. I have an Arri 16mm Set for sale. Beautiful condition: 1 Arri S Body + 2 Magazines (1 8v + 1 12V) + Tobin TXM 23 Motor + Original Arri 8V Motor + Original Matte Box I'm accepting offers before putting on eBay. Let me know how much would you offer. Pictures sent on request. The body has just been serviced by Les Bosher in UK. It's fully working and proper lubbed. Thanks, F
  6. I have a couple of Arri magazines for sale on eBay. Displacement mags for ARRI 35mm IIC type camera ~ fits most ARRI MOS cameras. They are in excellent working condition ~ never had any problems with jams or scratches. See auction here http://www.ebay.com/itm/231026612284?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 Have one more to sell when this auction ends.
  7. Hello everyone! I've recently come across a Bell And Howell 200EE camera and I've been dying to try it out. The only problem is that it didn't come with a reloadable mag. If anyone can point me in the right direction to where I could possibly find one, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  8. ECLAIR NPR 400 Foot Magazine Late-model with two-piece pressure plate. Doors seal well, good working condition. $100 + shipping PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/102 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
  9. Hi everyone, Can someone tell me - so I can find out without trial and error, am I going to have any hassles with the 400ft magazine rollers when shooting Super 16? Are they going to mark or spoil the film?? Do they need to be modified?? Bit of an odd question but maybe someone has tried this already?? Thanks in advance, Matt
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