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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for information on shooting a stand-up comedy special. This is something the stand-up and their producers would be funding independently, hoping to sell to a network or streaming service. No budget restraints. Would be shooting in a fairly large theater. Mostly I'm curious what cameras are being used and how many. I'm in the narrative and commercial world and usual use Arri's and Venices. Are those being used for comedy specials or are they using broadcast cameras? The producers want this to feel more cinematic so that's a consideration. If anyone has any experience and can point me to resources (e.g. American Cinematographer articles...) I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Below is a link to stills from a recent film I worked on as DP. The film is a comedic coming-of-age type film It was shot on the Arri Alexa with Zeiss CP.2 lenses. Primarily lit with Skypanel S60s and Arrisun 1.2k HMI Let me know what you think! https://imgur.com/a/6sAQyL3
  3. WARNING: MATURE CONTENT. Speed Date is a black comedy about Jack and Natalie who approach their allocated time together with different mindsets. What could go wrong? [Best with Headphones] Shot on a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera + Sigma 18-35mm Lens.
  4. Hello! I’m shooting a short skit for a restaurant promo video. I’m the cinematographer and someone will direct. It’s a low-budget project. The skit is for Grandparent’s Day. A kid is being spoiled at the restaurant with food as his mother looks on. It’s mostly shown through closeups until it is revealed in the wide shot that the grandmother is the one spoiling her grandkid. It’s a simple setup with the family just sitting on a long table, no standing, no moving around. The mood is light-hearted and comedic. We want a high-key look but our lighting gear is pretty limited. Here is a list: 1x1 Bi-color led light (with softbox and grid) 1x1 Bi-color led light (with softbox and grid) Portable led light 85 watt daylight bulb with chinaball 201s, CTBs, CTOs, orange sodium vapor gel, ND gel 5-sided reflector We’re shooting with a Sony a6500 with Rokinon/Samyang 14mm and 50mm lenses. And a Canon 70-200mm (for food shots). And we might be able to rent an Aputure 120D with a light dome. Here are photos of the location. There is a small part of the restaurant where there are windows but there is also a possibility where we would shoot at the inner part of the restaurant where there are no windows. Here are the complete photos of the location: https://www.evernote.com/l/ANwMH-Y3EplFWppkEhcC6xZdoZQ7EmxGZ4s I would like to ask if you have any lighting ideas with the gear that we have. Thank you!
  5. I'm very excited to share this piece I DP'ed a year ago, we all had great time with this one. I'm very interested in learning, so all feedback and insights are welcome. Cheers! I Need My Space is a humorous tale of infidelity, frustration, and ultimately adventure. The story is focused upon the life of elderly engineer, Esko and his unfaithful and nagging wife Tarja. Looking for an escape from a life that is an unsatisfactory mix of dull and painful, Esko decides to build his own rocket ship and blast himself into space. The award-winning independent film was shot over the course of 4 days and with a budget of only €1200. The film will be released for public viewing on June 21st, 2017.
  6. Not a request to critique my work as such, but I couldn't see a more appropriate place to show this. I recently had my late father's old standard 8 films scanned. Mostly they were all normal home movie stuff such as holidays, family events etc., but I found this clip which is a short sketch he made with my brother & sister and the kids from the family next door. (I wasn't around then!) The film dates from around 1963. Although very simple, I was really impressed with how well filmed it is bearing in mind the era it is from. I realise a may be somewhat biased in this view! I hope you enjoy it, a slice of 1960s England. https://vimeo.com/186101183
  7. Shot, directed and Edited by me "Porsha post selfies of a car and house on instagram but something else happens.. " Pls watch and share Comedy
  8. Hey guys, I am shooting a short comedy film for class, and was hoping for some suggestions with my setup! Mind you, I am very new to all this. Since it is a comedy, I was planning on using a lot of soft light. I have a few softboxes, a few umbrella lights, and a few chinaballs. The setup I was planning on running, was two 1000 Lumen LED worklights for my background (with orange or blue gel depending on the scene) and a chinaball with orange or blue gel with a 105W CFL (600W equivalent) in front of my actor. If necessary, I would use a white reflector to fill the shadows on my actors face. The reason I want to use worklights if possible, is that they are MUCH easier to gel. I have heard they run a little bit green, and have spikes in their color charts, but will that really affect me in a real life situation? The two backlights I use would probably have different hues of the same color, ie. frost blue and full blue CTB Thank you all for the help! I look forward to learning with you!
  9. I've posted this scene description on several movie trivia sites as well as old movie forums and such and no one has been able to offer any information. I have an old childhood memory about a movie in which super 8 camera commercials were lampooned. I remember seeing images of this impressive looking super 8 camera that was called something like the "Hamshika Super 8". It was an impressive looking camera, kind of like a Bolex 160, if memory serves, but you saw people shooting with it and a low,husky , sexy female voice whispered the word "Capture!" all the way through the spoof commercial. The final shot in the spoof commercial scene was a crowd of people dropping their cameras en masse in a huge dumpster. I'll have to go back and look at it, but it may be a scene out of an old obscure comedy-sci fi called The Monitors, but I'm not sure. The era would be right, 1966-70 or so. Might be a British comedy, but not sure. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
  10. https://vimeo.com/56763193 This was one of several scenes we shot for a comedy feature film where I was brought on as the Cinematographer. Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish the project, but I got the chance to work with a great AD in the process and meet a few good friends whom I still work with today. BOUNCE- Chicken Spot Scene ASSISTANT DIRECTOR- Edmar Flores DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY- Kahleem Poole-Tejada 1st AC- Robert Billings
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