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Found 32 results

  1. Anyone selling 35mm recans or knows someone who does? Looking for any of the following stocks: Kodak 5219, 5213, 5218, 5217 OR Fuji Eterna 8573, 8583, 8553. All in the range of 200T to 500T. Price per foot cannot exceed $.12 Willing to pay shipping cost! Thanks
  2. Hello, We have 35mm film stock to sell: 760ft of short ends - Kodak 500 T / 5219. Purchased direct from Kodak. Available for £20 total. . 4 x 400ft rolls of Fuji Eterna 250D. Purchased from Bwark Films. Available for £80 total. The film is being kept in a fridge. Collection from South East London (SE4) would be ideal, but happy to negotiate alternative collection/delivery. Please enquiry via: akua@kindproductions.com. Thank you, Akua
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice, stock-wise. We're shooting the first ten minutes of our feature film this month and unfortunately my DP is as unfamiliar with film as I am. For outdoor scenes, I'm looking into the KODAK Vision 3 250D. One shot in particular, we transition from the roof of our building to the inside of our apartment. I dug up an article on Fuji's old 250. The tester claimed it would work very well under such a transition. I'm assuming that Kodak can achieve the same result? http://www.fujifilm.com/products/motion_picture/lineup/eterna_vivid250d/demo/ what would you recommend, lighting-wise, once we hit the interior. In the same one-shot, we travel quite aways around the apartment. Sometimes, windows are plentiful, sometimes not so much. for everything else, I thought we could use kodak 500t. but I don't know how that would match up either. does anyone know if I'm looking in the right places? if not, can you point me in the right direction. (i also considered throwing an 85 on something like a 200t to achieve the same effect, but I'm new at this, and I don't really know what I'm talking about) thank you for your help, for more information on our movie check us out at po.st/sowhat
  4. Hey gang, I've got a roll of 500t Kodak 16mm that says to rate at 500 in tungsten light and at 320 in daylight. Is this just calculating for light loss with an 85 filter for me? I've also got some Fuji Eterna 500t that doesn't say this on the tin. What's the dealio? Cheers! James
  5. Dear Fellow-Filmmakers! For a Blow up of Fujichrome Single 8mm to 16mm I am trying to find some rolls of FUJI ETERNA CI - 16mm - intermediate film stock (or FUJICOLOR FC-I ). I have tried Fuji international and Frame24 - without success... Does anybody have This filmstock for sale? Does anybody know sources where I might find it? Any ideas, links or tips? Please let me know! Thanks a lot! Regards, Tobias kojak@schmuecking.com
  6. hey everyone, here is my latest work, shot on 16mm film stock and arri sr3 film camera: https://vimeo.com/62775779 please check and tell me what you think ;)
  7. Guest

    "COWARD" online

    That 28 minute "short" film I shot almost a year ago this week has gone online in full. Fuji Eterna 500T pulled one stop with some Fuji Vivid 160T mixed in. Panavision HS and E series anamorphics. Lots of Mud. Comments or criticisms welcome.
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