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  1. Lightweight Kit Featuring New LED Fresnels Delivers for Mobile Users CHATSWORTH, Calif. (April 8, 2015) - Litepanels®, a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of LED lighting for the broadcast and production industries, has announced the debut of its new Caliber 3-Light KitTM. Ideal for webcasting, blogging and professional content creation the Caliber 3-Light Kit is designed specifically to provide the portable, out-of-the-box lighting solution that today's professional videographers require. The latest addition to Litepanels' award-winning line of LED Fresnels, the Caliber is a true
  2. Well I've just had a bit of a shock. I bought some LED light bulbs and normally I get cool white bulbs but this time I bought some warm white as they were on sale and there wasn't a choice. However on getting them I was shocked at how green the output was! It was immediately visible and was much worse than on other lights I have encountered even with flo's. Of the bulbs I bought the little candle style bulbs seemed the worst. The bulb shaped bulbs were still bad however. I put one of the candle style bulbs into a lamp with a shade all around and it lit up quite green and with the addition of s
  3. At the CCW convention I saw some really cool new lights at the Shadowstone Lighting booth (I was giving a talk on lighting reality TV). One was the new Tungsten HMI Joker from 5600k and the other was the new LED baby zip light from Mole. You can read more and see pictures on my little blog here -http://www.lightingforcinematography.com/lighting-news/
  4. Hi! guys. I have recently just made LED fixture to use on my work. Just cost me to make about $160. Output similar to 800W softbox. Made out from RGB ribbon LED and Warm-white ribbon LED. I expected to use WW LEDs at full power but eventually it drags down the color rendition made skintone look off. But the downside : It has multi shadow. solve sometime by using some diffusion sheet. Reason I chose this method. These LEDs are very abundant and very easy to find at cheap. But as you know you can't expect to have excellent color on this either alone. They are just good but I can tos
  5. This is my first post so go easy on me haha. I'm shooting a scene that includes some long takes in very low light inside. Were mostly lighting with practicals and shooting with a wide lens on an F5 with a DJI Ronin. There are some gunshots that are shown on screen and I'd like to at least get a bit of light to flash when the actors press the trigger. Can anyone suggest a way to get a light (preferably on the end of the gun) to flash when the actor presses the trigger? I've searched this site, but the suggestions don't really work for my scenario. It's a thesis for a filmschool p
  6. Hawaii based production company and rental facility: Complete camera, grip, electric, and expendables. Alexa, Epic, Canon, Sony HD camera systems. Pro lenses & accs. ARRI, Mole, Kino. K5600, Dedo, Lite Panels - HMI, Incandescent, Flourescent and LED lighting. 1 Ton, 4 Ton, 5 ton G&E Pre-loaded trucks. Generators/Distribution. Fisher Dollies, sliders, cranes. Experienced union and non union crews. http://www.sightandsoundhawaii.com Bill Maheras Sight & Sound Studios, LLC 66 Queen Street, Suite 1705 Honolulu, HI 96813 ofc. 808-5
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has had any real contact with the new Mole LED Fresnels yet? I'm very interested in getting a couple of the 400w Studio Juniors in daylight - photometrically they're basically equivalent to 575w HMI fresnels (without the bulb changes or worrying about ballasts) but MUCH cheaper (half the price of an Arri D5), and with the added benefits of full dimmability (without colour-shift) and no real issues with flicker for high framerate work. All of which should make them a really useful light IMO. I'd love to hear some feedback from anyone who's used
  8. Hi, Has anybody had experience with either the TruColor HS or Creamsource, and if so, what are the key difference between the two fixtures? Thanks.
  9. I am looking for some lights, but at a budget at the moment. I came across these through cheesycam and was wondering if anyone has ever used them http://www.fvlighting.com/store/lighting/led/r300.html
  10. Hey all- Sometimes whilst reading AC I'll find that gaffers on bigger sets put together sweet wireless iPhone-controlled DMX systems. Have any of you done this yourselves, on smaller budgets or for smaller sets? I think it would be really cool to have at my disposal. Here's a post I just put together on my website about it: http://robertboscacci.com/2014/02/11/dmx/ Let me know if I'm just wasting my time/money. -Rob
  11. Has anyone out there found an inexpensive source for LED strip light / ribbon light? Obviously the product from Lite Gear is fantastic, but I've run into situations where some productions simply can't afford that quality and need something more cost effective, especially for larger quantities. I tried some I found on Amazon but found the green spike on those to be pretty horrible. Wanted to see if anyone out there had any recomendations.
  12. Full disclosure: I work for Dracast in San Jose, CA. We started a 50% off clearance sale on some of our studio LED lighting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The promotion went so well that we're continuing it through December. You can find our discounted products here: http://dracast.com/december-specials.html Happy Holidays!
  13. At the risk of sounding silly & being shut down by purist and snobs. Has anyone used an LED ceiling panel on their shoots? These options on lighting has become more price realistic nowadays. You can compare them to poor mans Halogen Work lights (not as bright) if you wish but they are an option. I hear this all the time, "only work with 'proper' equipment when on a commercial shoot", but if Garrett Brown hadn't done that, the steadicam would not have been invented even less helped the movie win the Oscars on its first unveiling. (Not saying that i am like G.Brown) I have c
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