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Found 15 results

  1. Hey! Anyone still using their Northlight scanners? I have a Northlight 1 machine that I bought several years back, but never installed - until now. I've got it up and running and things seems to work fine. I got the whole thing with 35m and 16mm + Lamar airflow and stuff (see @filmtek.no on insta for pictures). Will use it for 35mm 4K and 6K scans. It's so slow, but that's cool. I run a small facility and I can do other assignments (or sleep) while the 35mm films are scanned. I was wondering if any current and/or previous users of the machines would be willing to share some wisdom? Ie, right now I'm trying to figure out how to frame the image correctly vertically. Racking up and down doesn't seem to do the trick and I wonder if perhaps I need to do some config changes? Ideally I would want to overscan it also a bit and include the optical track on prints (to be extracted with AEO light). Also, how would I go about if I want to scan a whole roll where I don't know number of frames? Ideally I would like to scan from start to end and possibly have the scanner turn off when finished. Would that be doable? Thanks and best regards, Andreas
  2. Hello there ! I am wondering about the scan part of the production for upcoming tests on an eclair gv16. Am i suppose to ask to the lab to make the Scan or TC at regular 25fps recommendation or am i missing something ? I understand that it is good to match the frame rate to the scan/TC 'rate' for 25 fps and under, but for the rest, i don't have an idea. thanks in advance Jordan
  3. All Photos: Internet - Fair Use ...no upgrade for the Retroscan Universal 2K model, 4K just fits the newer models. Other upgrades are also offered. moviestuff_home_page If they ever put an optical sound reader on the 4K Retroscan, maybe they will have something! As the newer 4K models become widespread, there may be an opportunity for the low budget archivist to pick up the less desirable, lower res 2K Universal Retroscan scanner on the cheap.
  4. Does a diffused light source on a scanner produce as crisp scans as a non-diffused light source?
  5. History of Arriflex https://www.arri.com/en/company/about-arri/history/history Cinematographer Anna Foerster with ALEXA Photos: Arri - Fair Use ...Too bad Arri doesn't make an affordable film scanner for archivists. <><><><> Betty Brosmer - The top earning figure model of the 1950s DDTJRAC
  6. You could buy one at B&H and have a selection to choose from. Of course, Perry will say this is not based on any kind of reality. (And he would be pretty much correct.) blackmagic design cintel scanner | B&H Photo Video (bhphotovideo.com) If scanners were more mainstream, you could go to B&H and pick up what you need. You want sound...boom...B&H for $3500. Now all they need for the capstan driven Cintel, to make it suitable for the archivist, is a warped film gate and a better sensor (as people have told me here.) Another issue is all these items are special order and non-refundable. So, you have to be careful about not adding to the paperweight collection. I wonder why FilmFabriek has not approached B&H about selling their scanner? It is small and a suitable addition to their family. Especially their 8mm scanner. From reading FF's site, they had some issues with getting electronic parts, but they said they are back in action. I don't have a lot of 8mm to scan, maybe 300 - 400 reels. I hate 8mm. 16mm is bad enough quality, but 8mm is really bad. (Of course, I'm talking archival material and especially the old multi-gen stag films.) I had another 400 8mm reels in the Archive but got rid of them. Too low I.Q to waste time on. I've got bigger fish to fry...
  7. Hi all I have small film lab in Armenia, and I want to develop and scan super 8mm film. which scanner to choose for scanning super 8mm film with perfs? Thanks
  8. I'm on the cusp of buying the kit I need to convert a Super 8 projector for scanning. I will either cannibalise my nice old Bolex (slightly reluctantly) or buy a cheap ELMO, or something similar. But assuming that the requirements for the motor will be similar across projectors, I wonder what torque I might need? And I can use a 200 step motor or would I need the more expensive 400 step motor for greater accuracy? Thanks for any advice.
  9. We are looking for DTF Scanity Filmscanner if anybody has one for sale
  10. Hi all, I know that a very recent post asks the same question,.. but I have different & more specific requirements: I have recently been hired in as a consultant to the biggest (not very big) rental in a country with barely any.. to help them streamline their activities, professionalize their technicians and grow. The site is small and the inventory not very big. Though they do have more than decent equipment and plan to invest in more, most of their "technicians" have very limited knowledge and know-how. They still do everything by hand and don't use barcoding, ..but the growing industry and increase in rentals is slowly starting to catch up with them. I am looking to digitalise their inventory and implement using barcodes, and as such am looking for software in which I can load my inventory and track the ins and outs of items through barcode scanning. Ideally, i would prefer a NON-Cloud system (most available today seem online); internet connection is not always a given here. .. do any of you know of any options? ideally systems that come bundled with a barcode printer + scanner(s) + software? ..maybe even one that comes with its own computer? (plug&play) or do any of you have recommendations for these different things? Basically I need something simple, straightforward and not too complicated for a small camera/lights/grip rental company. Any advice welcome! PLEASE - No sales reps pitching product!
  11. I've recently started shooting on 35mm and I have been extremely frustrated by the exorbitant quotes and turnaround times I am getting from post houses around the L.A area for scanning my films. Coming off RED Dragon..once I saw my first scanned 35mm test roll (also had a print made which I viewed on one of my moviolas) I knew I was never going back to digital. Film was everything I always wanted. I am toying with the idea of finding 5-10 independent filmmakers, in the L.A area who are shooting on 16mm and 35mm to come together and invest in a high quality, fast, high resolution scanner (Lasergraphics comes to mind) for us to use 24/7 at no additional costs (except for initial investment). The lasergraphics is a fast scanner (up to 30fps @5k) so we could crunch a lot of footage - fast! When the scanner is not being used by the investors, we could scan for other independent filmmakers, effectively paying ourselves back. There are obviously things to iron out like: -Where is the scanner stored? -Do we operate with a queue system(when investor 1 is done, investor 2 scans..etc) -Who operates the scanner? -Is there a quota limit per week? (If investor 1 has 20,000' of film but investors 2,3,4,5 have 1000' we make logical arrangements so everyone can have their footage scanned. After the one time investment, investors get unlimited access to the scanner for life. Investors sign a fair agreement so investors are protected against overuse, etc. That's it - I had this idea because of the frustration I've been going through lately. If anybody is interested or wants to pitch in other ideas, post here or PM me directly. I have a scanner option but need to discuss with potential investors.
  12. Retro16 Pro Scanner from Moviestuff. It's practically NEW, I scanned two or three rolls of film then upgraded to the new one (HD Universal). Asking $2500 OBO or trade for motorcycle of same or higher value. Manufacturer will give a 6 month warranty if sent in to check/refurbish at no additional cost (US only), Shipping is also free to lower 48 states. Roland text/call 213 819 8320
  13. I have a "Retro16 Pro" scanner for sale from "Moviestuff.tv" Practically NEW, I transferred 5 rolls of film, then bought the Universal one. I'm asking $2100 OBO with free shippig to Lower 48 states and 6 month warranty from Roger (manufacturer). Let me know if you're interested. Roland
  14. I got my scanner project working today, still lots of things to figure out but... Maybe the roughest and coolest scanner ever ;) And yes, I can transfer 35mm film in 4K. somewhat B) http://aapolettinen.blogspot.fi/2015/05/making-film-scanner-out-of-konvas-camera.html
  15. Applications: Restoration of old film in SD, HD, 2K or 4K resolutions. High resolution scanning for DI grading. Real time scanning into digital dailies or WEB/DVD distribution monetizing of your old film. Sensors: 2K and 4K True RGB colour 12bits per colour depth. Gate offered: 35mm Academy non contact gate (8mm, Regular 16mm and Super 16mm as well as full contact gates available as separate options) Scans colour print and negatives, B/W Print and negative intermediates. Analog track audio decoding. Output to DPX (8, 10, 16 bit log or linear). Multiple TIFF, Quicktime uncompressed or other codecs, MPEG, AVI, WMV and more. Save more than 60% on the purchase price. We're selling below our cost for these units. We have 2 units in mint condition - hardly used. GEArchiver-datasheet.pdf
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