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Found 11 results

  1. Full set serviced less than a year ago by Charles Pickel at Serious Gear. The glass is pristine aside from a tiny pinprick on the rear element coating of the 9.5mm, has absolutely no effect on the image whatsoever. Message me if you're interested and want photos of the individual lenses, they really are absolutely pristine! Markings are in feet, NOT metric. Here are a couple projects I shot with these lenses, they produce some really beautiful images: https://www.fiokarpenko.com/thick-and-heavy https://www.fiokarpenko.com/howl Looking to get $14,000 for the full set.
  2. Hey, Deciding to let go of my three lens set of Super 16 Super Speed Mark III lenses. These lenses were purchased from Visual Products a year and a half ago and have been babied the entire time. Really nice condition. Glass is immaculate. I can email high res photos upon request. 9.5mmGlass - Front element is clear. Back element is clear. Perfect image.Body - Near MintMechanics - Both iris and focus turn smoothly16mmGlass - Front element is clear. Back element is clear. Perfect image.Body - Near MintMechanics - Both iris and focus turn smoothly25mmGlass - Front element is clear. Back element is clear. Perfect image.Body - Near MintMechanics - Both iris and focus turn smoothly 10k USD
  3. For sale the following Zeiss Super Speeds MK2 & Cooke S4 lenses to sell individually we will sell as a package as well. All are In good condition. The Super Speeds 18,25,35,50 & 85 $7,800.00 each. Cooke S4 18,25,27,40,65,100 &135mm $7,600.00 each. All in Good Condition? Serviced by Duclus in 2018
  4. According to the article "The Steadicam and "The Shining" (American Cinematographer - August 1980) Garett Brows says : "To annoy him we would indicate the forest of TV antennas aimed at the studio from suburban Borehamwood and imply that the TV signal was escaping the sound stage and being watched by a gaggle of “Monty Python” women every morning: “Ooooh, poor Mr Brown!… That take seemed perfectly good to me!” Somewhat later, our imitation ladies got even more sophisticated: “Ooh, must be the 24mm Distagon!, see how it’s vignetting in the viewfinder!” I was thinkking if that "24mm Distagon" is a Zeiss Standard Speed 2.1 (in The Shining kubrick used Super Speeds 1.4) OR the Canon 24mm ASPHERICAL 1.4 he used in Barry Lyndon ... As i know .. 24mm Zeiss distagon doesn't vignetting !!! but a Still converted to Cine lens ??? -Probably Brows called "distagon" the canon not becouse it's is "official" name but becouse of his curvness -Also the 1.4 speed of Canon would be a great advance in this low ASA 80's What do you think ?? Thanks
  5. For Sale: Zeiss/Arriflex 28MM & 50MM Lenses have been mounted, but never used in a production environment. "New" in original boxes. The physical condition is as new and is free of scratches, cleaning marks or oil. Based on serial numbers these are from the last batch of Standard Speeds Arri made. Rare opportunity to own new vintage lenses. Format: Super 35 PL Mount 80mm Front Diameter Include front and rear caps Lenses 28 mm T* 2.1 ($5500.00) 50 mm T* 2.1 ($5500.00) PM with any questions or interest Lenses are in Los Angeles and available to see.
  6. Zeiss MK3 Super Speed 18,25,35,50,85 $84,500 very nice condition, includes inspection email for pictures carson.lori61@gmail.com
  7. For sale are a set of Zeiss Super Speeds Super 16 consisting of: Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 9.5mm MKII (does cover Super 16) PL mount (metric and imperial) Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 12mm MKI PL mount (metric and imperial, has additional markings by focus puller on camera tape.) Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 16mm MKII PL mount (metric and imperial) Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 25mm MKIII PL mount (metric) All four Super Speeds have just been checked, lens projected and approved by the lens master at Take 2 Films London. I've shot Super 16 mm film test footage and the glass mixes wonderfully. The 25mm especially produces a lovely cinematic bokeh. This is a great set of affordable classic cine prime lenses, ideal for Super 16mm film cameras and RED owners. Or for shooting high speed with a cropped sensor. Also for Panasonic GH3, GH4, GH5, BMPCC, BMCC. The optics are in perfect condition, no scratches, no fungus. The mechanics work very well. Cosmetically the lenses are very good for their age. The 25mm's front ring has a mark, probably caused by a clamp-on matte box. Please check the photos. All lenses come with PL mount and front and back lens covers. Price: £4200 Sterling Ebay listing is here: http://r.ebay.com/U7AnD0
  8. Tango/Swing Head in excellent condition. This is the preferred "Version 1" and was only used in a studio environment. Price: 4900.00
  9. I have some Zeiss Super Speeds for sale. Pics here They are:::: Distagon 35mm f 1,2 Planar 50mm f 1,3 Planar 85mm f 1,4 All of them are in Arriflex bayonet mount, and the 35mm Distagon does have the adapter to PL. So it's easy to move the adapter around to either lens. All three lenses are in very nice shape, no issues on the glass, focus and iris are perfect. The 50mm might have some very faint haze or just need a cleaning, but this is very minimal. All the lenses have an 80mm exterior front ring diameter. Price is $15,000
  10. Zeiss Super Speeds MK3: Just over a year old, purchased from Alan Gordon in Los Angeles. Very clean, no haze/ fungus, no cleaning marks or scratches. The focus and Iris are extremely smooth. 9,5mm - $1850 12mm - $1850 25mm - $1850 Lenses are in New York if you would like to come see them personally. Will ship anywhere in the USA! If you take all the lenses ill include a pelican case.
  11. I'm using some rented Zeiss Super Speeds (T1.3) on a film I'm shooting on a Red Scarlet. When I tested them at the rental house everything seemed perfect, however now that I am using them outdoors I've found that when I stop down in bright sunlight (or any sunlight really) I can see the iris closing, leaving a kind of pale spot in the middle of the frame. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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