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Found 6 results

  1. Up for sale is this completely serviced Techniscope Arri 2C camera. Sergio Leone made his first Spaghetti Westerns with one of these. 2-Perf will save you a lot of money in the long run. Your rolls of film will last twice as long! This one is built like a tank, with modern gears and a perfect 24fps motor and matte box. And guess what? It has a hard PL mount which means you can adapt modern lenses to it. The very bright custom viewfinder has a ground glass marked for both Techniscope and 1.78:1 aspect ratios. Techniscope is hot now due to DI technology and finer film grain. Flat
  2. For sale is my beautiful 2-perf (Techniscope) Arri 3C (IIIC) camera package. This camera was never a rental and it looks like it's hardly ever been used, it's in such beautiful condition. I've owned it since 2009 and during that time I found and bought an original Arri factory 2-perf conversion kit, which was installed by the technicians at Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood. I'm guessing everyone here knows why 2-perf is so great. But just in case... basically you get twice the run time from the same amount of film. A 400' roll of 35mm film running at 24 fps lasts about 8 minutes instea
  3. Eclair Cameflex CM3 35mm 2-perf techniscope camera for sale. I'm asking 2400USD for it. This camera is one rare 2-perf techniscope modified CM3 with PL mount. For those not aware of 2-perf, it basically is a modification which allows you to shoot Cinemascope directly on the neg reducing the stock cost to about 50%. I bought the camera from Film-camera-kit UK in 2011, and have never used it. I bought it from them in good working condition and maintained. I have only unpacked the camera and since then it has been stored, since I did not have time for my original intention of shooting shor
  4. I am selling my KINOR 35H that was modified to TECHNISCOPE I am also selling all four of my Konvas cameras and my other KINOR 35H which is 4 perf and includes 3x100ft magazines and 4x400ft magazines, short and long viewfinder, Solid Entertainment Crystal Sync modification, Doveplate with rods, Anamorpic matte box with mattes and regular matte box, follow focus, 3 pin XLR plug, and more If interested please PM and I can send you pictures and or schedule a video conference to show you all my gear that I have for sale. Thank you.
  5. victor huey

    2 perf

    hi, Filmmakers make film. Digital peeps make Video! I am too old school to change, when the digital age came, I was in the process of converting my Kinor 35 to two perf at Aranda, when the digital tsunami hit. Projects shot on film began to fade away, to the sorry state it is now. Only those with studio support could afford to shoot film. Although 2 perf was a cheaper way to shoot film for indie projects, the lack of cameras and support doomed it before the 2 perf movement could begin. I have slowly aquired a number of 2 perf Camera's, and would like to start a 2 perf workshop in
  6. I love the streched Techniscope Panaroma Shots of Spagetti Westerns. I am looking for a directors finder or a patent or paper to give me design tips to print with 3d printer. please help, Thank you for reading, Mustafa Umut Sarac Istanbul
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