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Found 18 results

  1. ARRI Studio Ceramic 250 Hi Guys I am interested to hear peoples opinions on this light it sounds like something that would be very handy to have in my kit. It seems to have a built in ballast and the bulbs can be swopped between a tungsten 3300k bulb to a hmi type bulb with a 5500k temperature. They power usage is 250 watts and has a light output the equivalent of a 1k tungsten. They sound to have a lot versatility and they run cooler temp wise. But am i missing something here. Why are these not that popular, fair enough they are an older light fitting buti have never seen one of th
  2. Excellent Condition! Only used on a Two Day Shoot. 1 x 1000w ARRILITE Open Face Focus Floodlight. 2 x 650w Plus - Fresnels. 2 x 150w Fresnels. 5 x Light Stands. 3 Chimera Video Pro Softbox w/Speed Rings for 650w & 1000w. Heavy Duty Rolling Case. 2 Clamps. Barn doors, Filter Frames. Scrims - Full Singles & Full Doubles. Additional Bulbs. Other Accessories. Tungsten Priced at: $2800.00. Shipping and Insurance not included. Please Text, Call or PM. 760-505-7011.
  3. Hey everybody. Coming up this week I'm going to be shooing a commercial for a company that makes granite table tops and was hoping to get some thoughts on how to light it. The idea is that we'll be shooting overhead looking down as we see hands on the counter doing different day to day tasks. For example, we will start with one counter top as we see a hand throw some keys on the counter, cut to a different one as we see someone else's hands preparing food, then another as we see the hands of a kid playing with a toy car, and so forth. I'm curious as to how some of you guys might ta
  4. Good evening. I am looking to buy a bigger light to my kit, and concidering options, I think a 2K tungsten fresnel will be best for my use and budget atm. I have looked at some Aputure lights for their portability, but I dont think the higher cost can be justified, since we are talking $400 vs $1400. Looking at options on ebay now, which brands should I be looking for? Arri is definitely an option, but there are some Altmans and other less known brands as well. Any inputs here? How do we feel about these LED fresnels in here?
  5. Virtually everything you need to start lighting projects professionally without a truck. The only thing you might want to pick up is some c-stands. I slowly built this up over the years, it's configured to be compact, quite economical, reliable and well organized so no equipment is lost during a shoot. Entire grip & lighting package has been optimized to fit comfortably in a 4-door sedan car. Only looking for local pick up in the Chicago area. Asking $6,000 (cash or cryptocurrency/Bitcoin) OBO CART 1 x Rock'n'Roller Multi-Cart R10RT "Max" 1 x Custom built shelf for Rock
  6. Hello Guys, I know this has been posted before but I never found a conclusion to it. I've always learnt that you can't restrike/hot-strike HMI bulbs meaning to turn them off and straight back on without blowing the bulb full-stop. Every shoot I've ever been on this has never been the case nor even close to a concern from the DP. They restrike the bulb just 30 seconds after it being shut off even when the bulb has been on for 10-15mins or so, it makes a nasty sound from the bulb trying to re-light but other than that it's fine everytime. So if someone can clarify some questions
  7. Hey everyone. The other day I was testing out different bulbs in my 1K fresnel to see how wattage correlates to output (switching from 750 to 1K only resulted in 1/3 stop difference, which I found really surprising). I did something stupid though: since I only had my light on for a few seconds to take a quick light meter reading, I thought that the lamp probably wasn't that hot, and waited far less time than I normally would for it to cool down. Basically, I touched the bulb with the gloves I happened to be wearing at the time (which aren't real proper leather electrician gloves but r
  8. Hey everyone, I'm looking to get a set of scrims for 1K Fresnel that I acquired a little while ago, and I wanted to ask a quick question. I saw some used scrims online that were a decent price, but they had that "burned" look after lots of use, reminding me a lot of how the protective screen on my Omni light looks. This might sound silly to ask, but does that affect the quality of the scrim at all? I know that gels tend to fade over time, so it made me wonder if perhaps a heavily used Double scrim might not really cut a full stop, for example. Does anyone have experience with this? Tha
  9. Hi Guys, I'm DP on a shoot in Brighton, East Sussex, UK and although the forecast looks OK I want to be prepared for rain and wind. Would you be able to share you're methods for keeping a 1.2k HMI and ballast safe and dry when shooting outside in the rain beside the sea and the same for a 2k tungsten fresnel? If you want to use a 6ft butterfly with gridcloth to diffuse the light (it's for a beach scene) aside from guy ropes is there anything else that can be done to avoid turning it into a big expensive kite? Many thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts. All the best, H
  10. I am looking to purchase an Arri 650w fresnel. Does anyone in London or UK have one that they are looking to part with? I have around £150 to spend on one.
  11. I have 3 fresnels in perfect condition, you would be mistaken for thinking that they are brand new. ARRI 150w, 300w & 650w fresnels. They come in a Kata case with a wheeled trolley. no stands included. The case has some cosmetic wear, trolley has been wheeled down the street no more than once. I'm looking for a buyer based in London. I can sell individual part if there is interest. If you are interested in purchasing please send me a message and I'll send across some pictures.
  12. I purchased a Chinese Arri knock-off and while the output is decent with the lens, I think I'd benefit more from the light if I could use it as a lensless open-face. My questions are: A) Is this safe/doable and B) How would I adapt this safely? Thanks The light: http://www.amazon.com/Top-Fotos-Tungsten-Continuous-Lighting-Spotlight/dp/B00OPNR920/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1433529785&sr=8-1&keywords=1000w+fresnel
  13. Hi you all :) I recently bought some cheap Chinese fresnel lights just to see if they are any good or not. I wrote some thoughts to my blog, and there is also lots of images! http://aapolettinen.blogspot.fi/2014/09/chinese-fresnels-are-they-any-good.html I'd say it is very risky to order this type of gear directly from China. Luckily I have worked years with professional lights so I dared to try these cheap counterparts just to see if they can be used safely by anybody...
  14. Hey Guys, Am I a total newbie or is everyone else aware that when you dim lights the colour temperature changes? I Just bought an As Arri fresnel kit 150w, 300w, 650w & 1000w and when dimming some lights and keeping others on full they no longer match. Seems if you want to dim you'll be needing some 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 CTBs.. but i've really never heard of anyone doing that? Do cinematographers basically never use dimmers and just ND lights? This picture http://www.photosnack.com/F8E7D87D75E/pdzne9m3 is of the 650w dimmed about 50% (left) and the 150w undimmed (right) and the differenc
  15. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has had any real contact with the new Mole LED Fresnels yet? I'm very interested in getting a couple of the 400w Studio Juniors in daylight - photometrically they're basically equivalent to 575w HMI fresnels (without the bulb changes or worrying about ballasts) but MUCH cheaper (half the price of an Arri D5), and with the added benefits of full dimmability (without colour-shift) and no real issues with flicker for high framerate work. All of which should make them a really useful light IMO. I'd love to hear some feedback from anyone who's used
  16. Hey guys, I'm planning out some fairly extensive additions to my lighting kit and I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts on the Dedolight 650w units if anyone's used them? I love, and I mean LOVE, the little 150w Dedos. They'll undoubtably be a part of my new kit. But I'm interested to hear how the 650w units compare to a more traditional 650w Fresnel, particularly in terms of spill control and light output (i.e. are the 650w units just the same as the 150w units with 4x the output?). I'm spending extra to build a lighting kit filled with fixtures that are as controllable as possible in orde
  17. Hello, I'm selling this 4 light (2 tweenie, 2 betweenie) Mole Richardson lighting kit in like new condition. There is a little bit of wear on the outside of the case and some heat discoloration on some scrims. There are a couple of extra lamps (bulbs) too. Mole calls it their #5826 kit. Mole-Richardson Tweenie II Tungsten 4 Light Combo Kit - consists of: 2 Tweenie II 650W Fresnels, 2 Betweenie 300W Fresnels, Barndoors, Scrims, 4 Lightwate Kit Stands and Moleded (Yep, their spelling) Case - - 1900 Total Watts (120-240VAC) It is the same one as this bhphoto link: http://www.bhphotovi..
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