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Laffrey Witbrod

Spinning Snorricam

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I'm trying to get an effect kind of like this:




Where camera on a snorricam style rig can swing around the subject, I don't need a full 360º, 180º is probably all I need. Any ideas of how to pull this off? We are shooting on an Epic.

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I think your best bet wouldbe to talk to the people who made that video and are trying to sell that product.... I have never heard of a spinning snoricam till seeing that video.



with an epic the weight is for sure going to be tough.... the rig needs to stabilize the camera to spin so it becomes more like a reverse steadicam then a standard snori which is just a bout a rigid mount.

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Two circular rings mounted on the body, then on offset camera mounted to the ring with pretty much roller-coaster like design um, roller-coasters thingies:




Picture from a search from 'roller coaster bogie'.


Use the natural pivot and mass of the set up to your advantage in terms of the roller design. ;) No need to be that full on, and obviously scale it down...


If you want it motorised rig up some gilmer belt, a thingy and some what not and away you go.


Of course, you'll need a fair amount of cash, time and a machinist with shop if you want it to last. Potential for adequate results on the cheap, but don't go and book the rest of your shoot around it - false economy ...

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"Seeking interested manufacturer...." rig is never shown in the video, very careful cutting. Unless critical to telling the story and you can rent the prototype, I think you're boned.

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