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If anyone recognizes these problems, I’d be curious to hear.

I bought this film second hand so it’s impossible to know how it was stored before I owned it.

It’s the first time I’ve run across problems that looked like this, however, and I’m trying to determine what the problem was/is.

I’m tempted to say it got large doses of x-rays going through airport security, bit one roll seems to have come out fine.

All were Vision2 and 3 500T in 100’ loads in a Bolex super 16. A combo I’ve used many times with no problems.

Any ideas?



Password: superprob

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I have have exactly the same kind of problem with old unknown history 50D EXR except it was pumping red layer, not blue. for example inconstant temperature on one side of the roll or pressure sensitization can do this.

the problem faded a little after about half of the roll but was there all the time at some extent.


I would not buy second hand films unless in very big factory sealed rolls so one can have a good test of each roll and depend on that the rest is in proper condition then. in case of 16mm, factory sealed 400ft rolls and then winding it down to 100ft loads

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eBay short ends would be the worst: both unknown history and age AND short length, each roll have to be tested, usually not economical unless the rolls are almost full. like 380ft for 16mm or over 800ft for 35 for example

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Aapo Lettinen "I have have exactly the same kind of problem with old unknown history 50D EXR except it was pumping red layer, not blue. "

I've never seen a red problem outside of the light leaks one gets when they load daylight loads in ....daylight. Those are usually on the right side of the frame and I at least know what happened.

I realize second hand film is a risk, but I've had such good luck over the years . With this batch it was the pulsing that was driving me nuts because a consistent problem could be worked with more easily, and they were still factory sealed.

I guess I shouldn't have left those rolls in the MRI machine that one time. hehe

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I can't imagine it being a problem with the film. I like the idea of it being exposed to xray.


If it were a camera problem or issue with the film itself, you would see a more consistent problem.


The "pulsing" leads me to believe it was hit with radiation from ONE SIDE of the film reel, which is why the other side of the reel was OK. Why one of the rolls survived is because it was being blocked by the other rolls and simply didn't get hit with AS MUCH radiation.


SO yea, I'm hedging my bets on xray.

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yeah the sweeping leads to thinking that it is definitely external and most possibly x-ray.


the red layer is the most sensitive in film (least energetic photons) so it is logical that my issue is concentrated on that layer. that exr also had very green image but that is separate issue...

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