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Ben Brahem Ziryab

Ghosting B&W 16mm

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Does anyone recognize this problem? See below


Looks like a double image that moves during the shot.


From a test shot with an Aaton LTR 54 that has been sitting around for a while. Looks like it is an issue with the registration or shutter out of sync. Camera could use some servicing.



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Yep, I think your diagnosis is spot on. It's a registration issue for sure. I'd also make sure your film is loaded properly. I did find it initially tricky to get those mags loaded properly and not loose the loop when putting onto the camera body. They have a tendency to loose the top loop and that CAN lead to this problem for sure.


I took some bad film and learned how to load better and do some tests with the magazine take up door open to see what was going on and discovered, it was just an order of operations issue.


So pull down claw not going out enough. Pressure plate spring stuck. Top loop not big enough. Those are where I'd start.

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If the double image jumps around and you can see the frame lines, then it's probably a registration issue. If it's only the highlights that are moving and the rest of the image is solid, then it's probably a shutter timing issue.


A simple test for shutter timing is to take a dummy load and draw a squiggly line on the emulsion side with a sharpie. A few feet should be more than enough. Load that up in the mag and use the inching knob to move it through the gate. Remove the PL port cap and look at the emulsion thru the gate as you inch the movement. If you can see the squiggly line moving at all, then that means the film is being pulled down before the shutter completely covers the aperture - you have a mis-timed shutter.

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I would look to see if it is loaded properly. There should be a 14 (?) perf loop. I have had this happen to me. It is easy to fix. It's just that and not a registration issue.

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