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WTB: Super16 Camera Package

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking to buy a Super16mm camera package. Something like Arri SR3 or SR2. Looking to spend around $3200. Anyone selling or have any leads?

Hi Marc, I have an Arri SR3 package selling for $3,800.00

  • ARRI Super 16 SR-III / Color Video w/ CEI Color IV VF
  • Eyepiece Extension
  • Ground Glass - 1:33/1:66 SR3 Super
  • Arri 24V Power Cable
  • Hand Grip
  • Eyepiece Levler
  • 2 ARRI- 400' SR Magazines
  • Shipping Case

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I have an Arri SR2 Highspeed Crystal Sync Package Im currently trying to sell for 3500 USD.




Full package including:


3 Magazines

Dewault Battery Converter with Dewault batterys

Dewault North America and Euro Charger

12v xlr power cable

Arri support rods

Pelican Case.


Bought from Alan Gordon Enterprises and Recently CLA'd by Cinematechnic LLC in LA.


Willing to work on the price a little bit.

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