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Hello all,


I am a student interested in filmmaking and i have an idea for a short that I would potentially like to shoot on super 8.


I use a canon 514 xl which shoots at 18fps and gets scanned in at 24. I end up bringing it back to its original speed in premiere later on but i would like to record dialogue at the same time for a little 2 minute short.


I was wondering if anyone has had experience with blimping this camera or recording dialogue with a similar super 8 setup as I would much rather use film than digital for this project. I appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Thank you





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Hm... as a proud owner of two lovely 514XL cameras... you have your work cut out for you. They are fantastic, sharp and light cameras but quiet they are not. And also they are not sound sync so that will be a bit of a chore but not impossible.

Blimping, I'd say you should wrap it with a blanket as much as you can without affecting the lens or your ability to focus. Also if possible, put the camera on a tripod as far away as you can and zoom in. That way the mic near your actors will be farther away from the camera noise. But honestly, if you can, borrow a different camera, preferably a "sound" camera as those were more quiet, it'd be best.

As far as sound sync, I've posted a clip of my own below. It's a folk artist filmed on expired Vision2 500T with a Canon 814XL-S in single take in close proximity. So 1) camera noise is faintly present but somewhat encouraged for the project I was on. 2) the sound sync was all over the place. This resulted in me jumping into premiere with the video and audio then keeping the audio untouched as that's "real time" then cutting up the video when it becomes unsynced and squashing/stretching it in small segments in order to match it up. Currently working on a music video with this method. It's called wild sync in case you were unfamiliar. This is common with Super 8 as the cameras mostly don't run perfectly at 18fps or 24 and more like +/- 2%.


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You want to go down the rabbit hole of sync super 8mm?




Good luck! I had a modified Uher 4000 that fed a tone into the PC socket of the Super 8mm camera, which was interrupted each time a frame was exposed and that sound was recorded onto a 2nd audio channel as I shot on S8 with the Uher recording 8mm sprocketed magnetic fullcoat.


An internal resolver "resolved" the speed back to 24 fps upon playback.


I even had a Super 8mm flatbed once...


I wish I had back those endless hours of trying to make it all work ...


If you're serious about Super 8mm, look for a crystal sync Super 8mm camera. Even then, it will drift in slight increments in relation to digital audio recordings, but it can be managed in editing.

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Gday, I blimped an 814 years ago and was very happy with the results. It took a bit of working out, and a couple of trips to the local shops, but it was cheap and worked great. Recently I had a few queries if I wanted to sell it, but with the lead lined material in it, too costly to post anywhere.


Awesome- a spy camera in an attaché case!

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I wouldn't laugh, I copied the design from a soviet era "hidden hat camera" design. Apparently Russians had strong neck muscles...


Just imagine some of the early endoscopy camera designs... You want to fit a film camera where?

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