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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

UK's upskirting law can put as photog in jail for 2 years.

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UK's upskirting law can put as photog in jail for 2 years. More and more regulation unfoldingfor street photogs. This time freedom was only saved by 1 vote. No doubt when the one old timer blocking it dies off the millennials will pass it.

The United Kingdom recently attempted to make upskirting illegal and punishable by up to two years in prison. But thanks to a single lawmaker, the bill hasnt become law after all. 71-year-old Sir Christopher Chope of Conservative party blocked the bill and he didnt give a reason for it

Upskirting, as you probably know, is taking unauthorized photos under a womans skirt. Gina Martin started a campaign against it in the U.K. after she was a victim of upskirting in 2017.She was unable to file a lawsuit because of the gap in the law. Upskirting is not a criminal offense in the U.K., and the police reportedly stated that the photo wasnt obscene enough because she was wearing underwear.

The proposed bill would put upskirting in line with other voyeurism offenses, making it punishable by up to two years in jail. As TIME reports, Prime Minister Theresa Mays government gave its backing to the proposed bill on Friday. However, Chopes objection means that the lawwill have to be debated again at a later date. According to the same source, the expected date for a new debate is 6 July 2018.


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It's not your fault but you have assumed that the reported interpretation of British parliamentary procedure is correct- it isn't.

The MP was objecting to the particular method of introducing a bill to the House. He doesn't need to die and, in fact, supports it.

The bill is, in fact, now supported by the Government.

Private members' bills are the prerogative of individual MPs. They don't often progress without governmental support but the principle is jealously guarded and this is what Mr. Chope was doing- objecting to the Government muscling in on MPs' privileges. Most of the adverse comment came from people ignorant of the process and with an axe to grind.

How a law against putting a camera up a woman's skirt impinges on the rights of street photographers I can't imagine. It's not a fundamental freedom- it's a sexual offence.
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Please explain how this law would impinge on freedom? Because if I am not missing something no one should be allowed to point a camera under a woman's dress without their permission. Right?

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