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Andrew Bosnjak

WTB : Damaged 35mm Film camera bodies

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Looking into purchasing a damaged 35mm camera body. I come from a mechanical engineering background and would love get my hands on something that i can try fixing as a project.



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You can pick up a Russian Konvas body on Ebay for not much; shipping is often as much as a well-used body. Otherwise, motion picture cameras are not like cars or other salvaged consumer goods. Most damaged cameras are rebuilt or sold to repair shops to be stripped for parts.


You *MIGHT* get lucky and find a local person who has an old Eyemo or DeVry Lunchbox camera laying around unused. Try scouring the local flea markets, camera shops and so on. Put the word out in your community. You might be surprised.

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I got some Arri 2C parts I could send your way, nothing that would constitute a "camera" but if ya want some parts to mess with, I can send ya some! hehe :)

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Thanks for the suggestion Frank, i'll keep this in mind. Also, what kind of parts are you talking about Tyler?

I got a body that someone from the forum sold me recently. I just needed a few bits off it and now it's just gonna be collecting dust. It was dropped pretty heavily, but the chassis itself ain't too bad. I mean it's probably not the right thing, but figured I'd offer! I had a really nice BL4S that I sold that would have been a perfect project camera, but it would have been too difficult to get to Australia.

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