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When actors and filmmakers have to come back years later to do commentaries are they paid a high sum to do it? Or a small honorarium? Or is it gratis so it can be part of the historical record?

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Wouldn't be surprised if it's included in the initial contract, just like retakes.

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I do miss commentaries, with streaming content being so convenient, I rarely buy  optical media. I learn't so much from commentaries over the years. I wish a commentary track was included on Amazon/Netflix et al. Or at a pinch release a podcast that runs alongside. 

The Chernobyl podcast that produced for the HBO show was an excellent resource. 

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There was an online netflix style source for BTS and commentary stuff.  It was called wearecolony.com   Part of the whole archergray thing.  The purpose was to provide you with all the extras you get from the hardmedia blurays and dvd's that you're no longer buying cause you watch everything online.  Of course it didn't make it and was recently bought.

I think Fandor.com or mubi.com should try out something like that.  Seems like a very niche thing.  Most people have zero time to watch anything longform unless they're binging a show and there are far too many shows to get through.  Nevermind going back and rewatching with a commentary.

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