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I'm expecting my Alexa Mini LF soon. It's a big jump for me from owning FS7s.  I work as a DP/owner operator and own a small-market camera rental shop, too. Most of my cinema camera gigs are commercials and ultra low budget narrative.

I'm wondering what accessories make the most sense for me to put next on my list. It will be a few years before I can take on another monstrous expense like Signature Primes, but there are lots of "smaller" items I'm guessing clients will ask for or expect? What accessories should I have that make operating easier? Have you gone the Arri path for accessories, like the WCU and WVT, or third party? Do you feel strongly about going one way or the other? What items can wait and which do I need to have ASAP? Will clients look at me crazy if I suggest shooting on cinema primes that cost less than a luxury car?

I'm asking this specifically in a non-branded forum to avoid the rabid fanboy responses. :-)

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I don't know what kind of content you shoot, but everyone and their mother are combining upper end cameras with all types of glass, including Canon L-series, Sigma 18-35 and primes, Xeen, Sigma Cine, Canon CN-E etc.. Don't worry about appearance as long as you like the image from the glass.

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On 1/13/2020 at 7:29 PM, Jon Kline said:

like the WCU and WVT

Personally never had to budget or crew to go for one of these pieces. But from the numerous rental house visits I've had, it's clear the higher end house stock mainly Arri equipment and mid to lower tier ones stock third party. I suppose (but not 100% sure) this is because DPs on high end productions have more budget and less time, so they are willing to pay for the Arri to ensure quality and save time in prep. Where as mid - low end jobs have smaller budget so the DP needs to get smarter, and third party equipment is often just as good but some research needed for compatibility.

And far as I know, almost all shows now days uses Teradek as their wireless video with very few exceptions on very high end using Arri. It can be argued that Teradek is just as good if not better than Arri. Demand for Teradek should be pretty high, as many DP would book them even on lower end jobs to impress clients.

You didn't post much else on what you already have and the market you are in, so it's hard to recommend beyond what you've asked. But if you've been renting out for a while, you should look into the record of what's popular and pay attention to what clients request the most. And make a informed decision form that. The rental market is tricky now days and hats-off to you for taking the risk.



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