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Making a new HD SDI beamsplitter video tap for the Eclair

Geffen Avraham

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Hi all!

I'm thinking of making a new HD video tap for the Eclair, one that allows a passthrough for the optical viewfinder like the AZ Spectrum ones, but with a 1080p SDI output. It would be based on a small beamsplitter and a Marshall Electronics SDI board camera. I'm hoping that with modern camera sensitivities we can get a good image while sending 90% of the light to the optical viewfinder.

I've heard the AZ Spectrum taps are $1500 for BW and $2600 for flickerfree color analog - I can't guarantee flickerfree (if i had the time, money, and experience, this could be done with a Ximea camera and an FPGA, in half the size too), but I think I can make the HD SDI tap in a machined body for about $1250.

It can cost less if I use a beamsplitter from Alibaba instead of Thorlabs ?

My main question is about the optical viewfinder flange distance. Does anyone know if the AZSpectrum has additional optics to compensate for separating the VF from the body by 19mm? Or does the existing viewfinder handle it?

Would anyone be interested in something like this?

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2 hours ago, Giray Izcan said:

Last time I checked a couple of years ago, he was offering hd tap for the NPR. So he stopped offering it?

He does, but the website hasn't been updated in years so there are only those old type of SD taps mentioned.

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19 hours ago, Geffen Avraham said:

Did AZ ever make an ACL HD tap?

As far as I know, he still does. Couple of years ago it cost around $1600. The main issue for many is that 1) you have to wait months (because he's very busy) and 2) you have to ship the whole camera to him because an extra screw for mounting is installed. Or so I have understood it :)

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Andrzej is really busy. I had to wait a couple months for him to service two motors. But it's worth saying, he put it in his que and he was on time with the execution. Not bad really for a highly specialised (one man?) business.

Re the shipping costs. You can strip down to the bare minimum that he needs

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