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Enys Men (2022) // 16mm feature length film shot on Bolex H16 // 1.33:1

Kamran Pakseresht

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Just wanted to bring attention to a film I watched on Kanopy last night called Enys Men. Kodak made a really short spotlight about it.

It was shot entirely on a Bolex H16 - it's really quite a beautiful film if you're drawn to things shot natively on 16mm. Because it wasn't filmed on a sync sound camera, all sounds were added in post - but I thought it was really well done, there are a number of lines spoken by actors that you likely wouldn't realize were dubbed.

It is a very slow paced, unnerving film, but worth a watch I think.

Here are some IMDB specs for it:

  • Camera
    • Bolex H16 SBM, Kern Macro-Switar and Zeiss Vario-Sonnar Lenses
  • Laboratory
    • Kodak Film Lab, London, UK
  • Negative Format
    • 16 mm(Kodak Vision3 50D 7203, Vision3 250D 7207, Vision3 500T 7219)
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  • Kamran Pakseresht changed the title to Enys Men (2022) // 16mm feature length film shot on Bolex H16 // 1.33:1

Great filmmaker!

As Sebastian mentioned Bait, I'd highly recommend that too.

In all honesty, I preferred Bait to Enys Men. I'm interested to see what Jenkin brings out as his next film.

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19 minutes ago, Sebastian Bock said:

Thanks! Have you seen his other film „Bait“?

Also a recommendation - also shot on his Bolex and self-developed by himself. 

I have not! I will certainly watch that one next - awesome that he self-developed it, just watched the trailer and you can certainly tell - I wonder what type of method he used (bucket, morse style rewind tank, or lomo spiral)

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