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Why all Cinematographers has to learn Resolve?

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@Tyler Purcell No, TBH I didn't knew Relight tool before you asked this question. I have heard from cinematographers that as a dp you should know basic understanding of resolve which makes you job much easier but I just do not know who to combine two things. I am good with lighting but resolve is not my strong suit.

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On 3/1/2024 at 4:23 AM, Kaushalya Patel said:

How to combine lighting with resolve? As bringing back color and tone is post processing mostly. How do I combine both things?

My policy is to get everything looking as good as possible in camera. So the footage you get back needs only minimal work in post. The Davinci relight tool is incredibly useful for situations where you just couldn't get the lighting good enough for some reason (maybe you had only one small light with you on the day and you really needed an extra light/s).

I had a very slow start teaching myself Davinci Resolve. For the first months I didn't get very far at all but I persevered. Now I'm comfortable with it and am getting better all the time. I'd agree with that advice that cinematographers should know how to use Davinci Resolve. It is an incredible filmmaking tool.

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Post some samples of before and after of your Resolve work.

When shooting on the fly it is not always doable to get it right in-camera. A good documentary cameraman makes do and brings home the goods best they can. So, post work is very important to make up for shortcomings.


Selection from 'Whoop-Whoop' project 2014

Photo D.D.Teoli Jr. 

This photo for example took some work...in Lightroom. I don't use Resolve, so don't know if this level of post work is doable. As of now I use Movavi which is basic, but it covers most of my needs as an archivist. Although it is pretty poor for color grading and am dissatisfied with it for grading.

Can you dodge and burn a scene with Resolve then carry it over with the computer to make the frames blend? Or does it have to be redone for each frame? In other words, let's say you burn in a lady's purse. Will it find the purse in selected frames and burn it in the same as the first frame? Or does cine' software not do that? If you don't know what burn in means...it means, make it darker in whole or in spots as selected. Or is Resolve even capable of burning in detail?



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