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The Onion on independent filmmaking

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You know, I've worked for people exactly like that in real life. Including one guy who lied to me, said he was an adult and was still actually in High School! When these people call I tell them that they are not Indie but Amateur filmmakers.


Do you have a script breakdown? No


Do you have a real budget? No


Do you have a schedule that remotely relates to the breakdown and budget? No


Do you have a PM, an AD, a scripty? No


Are your actors and crew available every single day of the production? No


You are an AMATEUR.

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I am a regular reader of The Onion, but I have to say that this doesn't sound real...


What? What on The Onion is real? I mean it's usually based on real events but it is also satire and comedy. I just read an artice about a NASA rocket that burns money into space to test the durability of money. It is a fake article, but it pretty much sums up the goal of NASA, to burn as much taxpayer money as possible.


here it is: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/47977

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