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ND Filter for Double X 7222?

TW Foley

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You should have ND's at hand. + POLARIZER for managing/shaping reflective glare on skin tones and grass/brick/windows etc


Depending on the color of the houses and what you want to emphasize you may want use color filters as well.


Today, as an example my meter @250 is showing T22.. Do you have a meter? That would be the easiest answer...what stop do you want for the film you have.


Id normally start with 2 stops and a Polarizer for the setup ..but I'd have the other ND's there depending on the story.

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If I'm shooting .... sunny day, and I am using Kodak Double X 7222, do I need a neutral density filter?


Anything much faster than about ISO 25 in bright sunlight will be easier if you have a ND filter available.


24FPS is effectively a /50th to 1/60th Shutter speed. The famous sunny 16 rule would mean ISO 50 film would require f/16 at 1/50th in bright sun. ISO 250 is more than 2 stops faster. so as has been stated you would have to crank it down to f/22 or even f/32.


Some ND would allow a larger appature in order to control your Depth of Field.


If the world was perfect Kodak would still sell XT Pan. which at ISO 25 was perfect for bright days.

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