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I am obsessed with books, I can read all day. I am looking to improve my directing in terms of: directing talent, shot composition, etiquette with major crew members, and script analyzation. I know most of these are picked up by doing, but are there any books that you recommend that cover any of these topics? I've already read : The Filmmaker's intuition, directing shot by shot, and The Hero With a Thousand Faces.


Thank you!

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I just tend to read everything in the field I am interested in, I'm not selective -- I mean, if the subject interests you, why not? Especially if you can get some of the books at a library.


I got a lot out of reading the Hitchcock-Truffaut interview book when I was a student.

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One (small) book that has helped me tremendously with directing is Peter D. Marshall's 'Making the Magic Happen - The art and craft of film directing'.


Though I totally dislike terms like 'demystifying the process', the book really helped me out on the many levels of directing a film project :)

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