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  1. this hook is on the underside of the bowl between 2 of the legs. the head is a Vinton Vision 20 and the legs are corresponding Vinton. the hook doesn't appear to be something that was added after market so i imagine it had/has a specific function. just to hold wires out of the way? the floor spreader has a ring in the middle and one could hang the spreader after removing it from the legs but i can't see the rig being rolled around on the dolly with a spreader knocking around between the legs. i'm just curious more than anything. thanks.
  2. This is all good info. Thanks to all! As it is, I have a pretty useful head so I'll leave it as such. The service manual for the 30 has some good info that should help me adjust it properly (and come in handy if I ever need to dive into it). The info on TriVision could come in handy as well. Thanks again. Tom
  3. I've got a Vinton Vision 20 head in great shape but likely hasn't been serviced in decades. It also has a bit of a catch on the right side when tilting at _just_ the wrong spot. I know that they are serviceable but I'm not inclined to spend twice what I paid for it just to get it serviced. I see allen screws and I'm sorely temped to give it a go myself. I generally have decent luck with DIY mechanical stuff but have my share of boxes full of parts of something that was formally useful. I'm looking for exploded diagrams or input from anyone that has serviced them. Special tools involved? Warnings about springs that fly out? Screws/Parts that look the same but aren't quite? Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  4. i've never done 3d printing but it has always interested me. at the same time, i do have 16mm cameras & projectors as well as some processing experience from the 35mm photography days. would there be a 3d printer you would recommend for this project? i had actually looked into Lomo gear at a couple of points but availability of decent looking pieces was an issue. thanks!
  5. i'd welcome knowing of someone in the US that works on the EL. i have one that's functional at the moment but a regular service would be welcome. thanks, tom
  6. I've got the P4k but the original BMPCC keeps coming up in conversations and I'm considering acquiring one. I've got a near full set of the Meike primes as well as an assortment of older, manual focus Nikon lenses (using dumb adapters to MFT). I also have (but don't shoot nearly enough) a Bolex EL with a Kern Vario-Switar 12.5 - 100 zoom. Would welcome your thoughts on that lens on the BMPCC.
  7. a friend found this and i may take it off his hands. i haven't physically seen it yet but he can't find any markings on it. is motorized but doesn't have a motor. i don't have a slider at this point but it's an hour away. any info or feedback welcome. thanks, tom
  8. as a newb to filmmaking, i find films like this absolutely inspiring. the most essential ingredient is someone with drive & focus and you can actually make a feature with your friends as talent and sets made out of cardboard. it was def stylized but one sign that it worked is that some people go out of their way to criticize it. a lot of classics (film, art, etc) received a lot of negative feedback. not that i would argue that this one is a classic but it remains to be seen.
  9. thanks for the input. i've been wanting to narrow down my options and settle on something consistent so that i can focus on other aspects of filmmaking rather than thinking about different codecs & such. for now, i'm going with ProRes 422 1080p and scaling if i need higher frame rate. will kick it up to ProRes 4K when i need better quality.
  10. I could use a bit of education on the differences between "windowed" and "scaled". For example, shooting at a higher frame rate at 1080 being either scaled from 2k or windowed. Scaled is full sensor image just reduced in size (and quality)? Windowed is smaller, center portion of the sensor (but original quality)? Am I close? Specific to BM P4K FWIW. Thanks, Tom
  11. fine point (?) but it's BRAW on the P4k and not RAW. likely doesn't affect any of these responses but worth remembering when you are talking about the Blackmagic gear with other people.
  12. That does sound like a deal breaker. Does still sound worth considering for special uses though. Thanks.
  13. In what way is it "horrifically inefficient"? You've rattled off some really good points but I'm missing the bad one(s). Noob just trying to understand 🙂
  14. Or swap your SmallHD monitor for a 2200NIT Portkeys BM5. I'm really happy I went that route for just that reason. Well, that and it being blue tooth.
  15. I do have the P4k partially kitted out and am adding to it. I'd rather have something larger than I need (may rent larger camera) than something marginal. Would this bowl be adaptable? Or would they have used some proprietary radius or something? Any idea if the plate itself would be replaceable with something else? Thanks for the info you've provided. 🙂
  16. I'm assuming that head comes with it even though the post just mentions tripod & dolly. I'm not familiar with the brand and not able to find a manual or much info so would appreciate knowing the specs (weight, capacity, bowl size). I'd welcome feedback from anyone with experience on the brand or this model's usefulness to my purpose as I'm not familiar with the brand and have limited experience. I'm currently using a borrowed Bogen 3040 with a 3063 head and I've been looking for something to replace it (before I damage a nice piece of borrowed gear). This would be for a lightly kitted BMPCC4K for studio & set. I've seen few attractive choices between cheap/marginal tripods and several k for decent ones. Might this be worth a serious consideration? Thanks, Tom
  17. A woman sees the shadow of her deceased cat on the wall as the cat (unseen 'cause it's deceased) walks across the floor. I'm looking at ways of doing this and none actually working for me. If I could somehow project the shadow on the wall, I would do this in 16mm. As it is, I may have to resort to digital & green screen. I'm working with a couple of cats and lights just off the floor and getting some shots that come close enough to use but this is digital. I'd be burning a lot of 16mm film with this process and my budget would be shot. Any thoughts? thanks, tom
  18. https://www.lightillusion.com/tech_info.html seems to be the current location
  19. it's not my camera 🙂 but i did contact the seller and it's still available. the link is in my original post and it sounds like you FB messaged her.
  20. I hope this isn't out of line... This is a Facebook marketplace ad rather than something I'm selling myself. If you don't Facebook, PM me and I can get the pics & info to you. I've exchanged some communication with the seller who's asking $495. I've got Bolex gear myself and access to an Arri SR2 so I don't really need another 16mm camera but I suspect there might be a decent home out there for it. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/469013367040371/?ref=messenger_banner
  21. i've got a rokinon cine ds (believe the 20mm) and a rokinon still lens (believe 14mm) and they are pretty much identical in size. one marked in T stops, the other in f. one aperture changes click, the other doesn't. one has aperture markings on both sides, other doesn't. one has focus & aperture rings geared for motorized manipulation, the other doesn't. one had built in lens hood, the other doesn't. but length, diameter, and weight are pretty much the same.
  22. i have a 12.5 -100 vario-switar that i'd love to try out on my BMPCC4K. i've looked around for a bolex bayonet to MFT adapter but drawing a blank. is it possible? have a link to something? thanks, tom
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